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Louisville Slugger Warrior/MSBL 2019 Charitable Contributions

Louisville Slugger Warrior/MSBL 2019 Contributions

To make a contribution:

MSBL National Office

One Huntington Quad, Suite 3NO7

Melville, NY 11747

Phone: 631-753-6725  Fax: 631-753-4031

To read more about the Louisville Slugger Warriors Amputee Baseball Team click HERE 

2019 Contributions

Syracuse: $150…Rob Allen

Hudson Valley MSBL: $500…Rick Stockfield

Central North Carolina: $315…Rob Isbell

Columbia (SC): $150…Trevor Woodlief

Pennsylvania Mid-State: $125…Harry Hitz

Jacksonville MABL: $200…Joe Hellett

Central Alabama: $150…Richard Merkel

Columbus: $500…Rick Fryman

Puget Sound: $250…Tom Krause

North Texas: $500…Kirk Pruitt

Bay Area: $100…Jim Frenn

Below are the 2018 Contributions per League

Columbus MSBL: $500…Rick Fryman
Detroit MSBL: $640…Mike Juliano
Greater Philadelphia: $150…Brett Mandel
NE Ohio MSBL: $300…Skip Riser/Joe Sidor
Savannah MSBL: $250…Drew Richardson/Kevin Fitzmaurice
Syracuse MSBL: $150…Robert Allen
John A. Debenedictis: $200…Pat Fynes
West Metro Atlanta: $250…Ron Huck
Long Island MSBL: $6,000…Steve Sigler
Southern Wisconsin MABL: $250…Dave Bayer/Dan Hendrickson
Antelope Valley: $1,000…Wayne Munney
Charlottesville: $100…David Hash
St. Clair Shores: $250…Matt Sherock
Fresno: $200…Bob Schiotis
Hudson Valley: $400…Rick Stockfield
Chicago North: $250…Max Reising
Pennsylvania Mid-State: $125…John Martz/Harry Hitz
Bux/Mont: $150…Nick Chichilitti
Arizona: $150…John Silingo
Jacksonville: $200…Joe Hellett/Norm D’Accardi
Puget Sound: $250…Tom Krause
Woodland/Davis: $100…Chad Carrington
Bay Area (CA): $100…Jim Frenn
Chicago LaGrange MABL: $100…Chuck Mally
MUNY Buffalo: $250…Ralph Proulx
Westchester/Putnam: $100…Jim Bianco
Indiana MSBL: $151…Todd Schrenk
Central Alabama: $150…Rich Merkel
Central North Carolina: $500…Rob Isbell
Central Ohio MABL: $500…Charles McCroskey
Santa Barbara MSBL: $100…Blake Burgard
Austin MSBL: $200…Mike Lucas
North Texas (Dallas): $500…Kirk Pruitt
San Diego North: $250…Doug Johnson
Kansas City: $200…Tom Prendergast
Central Arkansas: $100…James Snyder
Twin Cities: $100…Ryan Lutzka
Fort Worth: $200…Kevin Herd
Sacramento: $1,000…Alan Van Ness
Long Island Midweek: $3,500…Tim Hott
Mid-Iowa: $525…John Linden
Chesapeake: $513…Jason Torres
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2019 45+

So Cal Blue Jays 6, D Bat Avondale 5

Submitted by Vince Woods, Blue Jays manager

We are happy to announce that the So Cal Blue Jays are Las Vegas Open Tournament ‘back to back’ Champions. This Memorial Day weekend Tournament was lots of fun as we enjoyed a total team effort all weekend.

The 2019 edition of the Blue Jays was compiled of players from the OC Sox, So Cal Blue Jays and a few players from Las Vegas. We had solid pitching performances and lots of timely hitting, scoring 61 runs in five games.

Vic Darensbourg was our Championship game winning pitcher holding a very good hitting team D-Bat Avondale Angels team to only five runs. We were the recipients of outstanding hitting all weekend from Dave Rice, Cobi Cradle, Kenny Lumpkin, Drew Zoulko and Vic Darensbourg.

The Blue Jays have been in the MSBL Las Vegas Open Tournament championship game five years in a row, winning three of them.

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2019 50+

Utah Pirates 25, Central Coast Tigers 9

Submitted by Randy Miles, Pirates manager

The Utah Pirates battered a depleted Tiger pitching staff with 26 hits, 12 being extra base hits, including one home run by Cale Shepherd.  It was a close game through four innings, but the Pirate hot bats kept on hitting.  

Andy Campbell pitched all nine innings for the win.   We saved him for the end and it payed off.   Brent Oldroyd went 5-5 with three doubles, Allen Zentgraf and I both went 4-5 with two doubles apiece.  Tiger’s lead-off batter Erhardt went 3-4 with a home run in the third inning to make it 5-4.  

The Pirates scored 94 runs in five games and had a team batting average of .472.  I think it’s the best we have ever hit in a tourney, of course the slight breeze blowing out all weekend helped.   Duane Lee led the Pirates in hitting for the tourney going 13-20.

In the Semi’s the Pirates had to rally late to hold off the Tri Valley Vets after they tied the score 4-4 in the seventh, with the final score ending up at 14-7.  They played us well and it was a good game.  The CC Tigers beat the Las Vegas 55’s 12-11 in the Semi’s to reach the finals. 

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Marucci June 2019 Monthly Bat Special Exclusively for MSBL Players


By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Here is the Marucci June 2019 special bat of the month.  Part of that agreement is to provide special pricing monthly and promotions exclusively for MSBL players.  Just click on the image above, which will take you to the Marucci website.  To check out the special member only Marucci deals for June just click here and then type in the special MSBL code MSBLMABL.

This is a special opportunity to obtain arguably the most utilized bat in all of the major leagues.  Be sure to visit the Marucci tent on the Tempe Diablo Stadium concourse at this year’s MSBL World Series in Arizona this October!

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Cleveland Mets Throw Combined Opening Day No-Hitter in 25+ Gold Division of Cleveland MSBL

By Steve LaMontia, MSBL Director of Communications

The Cleveland Mets threw a combined no hitter on opening day, May 5th, for a 12-0 opening day victory over the Brewers in the Gold division of the 25+ Cleveland MSBL.

Joe Werner, Mike Perry and Ian Wayton combined for 16 strikeouts and no hits allowed and the team’s second no-hitter in as many years.  The Mets currently stand at 2-2 in the top division.  Below is a screen shot of their pitching staff stats thus far this year.  Congratulations!

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A Note from MSBL Travel to All New MSBL World Series Teams or Teams Coming Back to Phoenix!

We’re glad you’re going to be at the MSBL World Series this Fall, and want you to be among the first to grab the absolute best rates at our #1 hotel choices for you and/or your team.  The smart choice is to book early since there’s NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED AT ANY MSBL HOTEL – just a credit card to guarantee your reservation – and the best hotels are the first to sell out!

It’s easy to book your rooms.  Check out more info or reserve now: / (516) 625-6868

How about Homewood Suites for a nightly rate of @ $46 per person

* beautiful hotel 1/2 mile from the Cubs Riverview complex & next to Tempe Marketplace

* hot buffet breakfast daily and dinner Mon – Thurs included for all guests

* full kitchen and queen-size sofabed in each room.

* choice of 1 King or 2 Doubles in the private bedroom


Or Hyatt Place Mesa for a nightly rate of @ $47 per person

* one of the top MSBL choices year after year.  The hotel owner also owns the Oakland A’s!

* perfect location in a new shopping center with movies, sports bars & shops.

* great Hyatt bistro breakfast included daily

* sofabed in each room with choice of 1 King or 2 Doubles


Most popular choice over 10 years Hyatt House Scottsdale – nightly $49 per person

* in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, walk to sports bars & restaurants

* full kitchen and sofabed in each room

* excellent hot buffet breakfast included daily

* 1/2 mile to Scottsdale Stadium


Want the lowest room rate on the list?  Days Hotel Mesa $39 nightly per person

* one of the top rated standard hotels in Mesa

* the number of teams staying here has tripled in the past 2 years!

* breakfast included daily

* rooms with choice of 1 King or 2 Doubles



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2019 MSBL Las Vegas Open Champions Crowned

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

The 2019 edition of the MSBL Las Vegas Open concluded Monday as four champions were crowned.  Individual game stories will be published on the Las Vegas Open page as well as in the website featured rotating stories and on our Facebook and Twitter pages as available in the days ahead.  Here is the link to check out all of the results:

2019 Las Vegas Open Champions 

18+: So Cal Titans 23, Las Vegas Senators 2 

35+: Montebello Angels 9, Desert Pirates 5

45+: So Cal Blue Jays 6, D Bat Avondale 5

50+: Utah Pirates 19, Central Coast Tigers 9

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Puget Sound Senior Baseball League Founding Father and Past President Craig Hogan Passes Away on May 16th

Submitted by Tom Evans Krause, Puget Sound Senior Baseball League President

One of our longtime players, board members, GM and friend, Craig Hogan, lost his battle with cancer and passed away Thursday, May 16, 2019.

Craig Hogan was one of our forefathers, helping to establish the league in its early days.  He served five years as PSSBL president and another five years as league vice president.  Craig was part of the inaugural class to be inducted into the PSSBL Hall of Fame during a ceremony at Safeco Field in 2011.

Friends, team mates and opponents remember that Craig was a great guy – on and off the baseball field, plus he was an amazing pilot. After retiring from baseball, he flew his own plane for years.

A memorial has been set for Wednesday, June 19 at 2 p.m. Mass will be held at St. Johns Mission, 829 3rd St. SE. Mukilteo, 98275.

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Suffolk Raiders Pull Off Triple Play in Extras, Go on to Walk-Off Victory in Long Island MSBL


Compiled by Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

The Suffolk Raiders defeated the New York Astros this past weekend in a 35+ Federal AAA match-up of the Long Island MSBL.  The BIG news is that the Raiders pulled off a triple play to stop a potential Astros game winning rally.  Here is how the play unfolded, as described by Raiders manager Pete Vardaro.

“In another hard fought, well-played game between these teams, the Suffolk Raiders topped the New York Astros at Newfield High School 5 to 4 in 10 innings.

In the top of the 10th, with the game tied, no outs and runners on first and second, there was a hard-hit grounder to Bill Patriss at shortstop, who charged in a few steps, fielded the grounder, tagged the runner trying to advance from second to third, then threw to Joe Ferrara at second.  Ferrara pivoted after the force out at second and threw to Jim Gross at first to complete the triple play.

Frank Buongervino, who got the win in relief, drove in the winning run in the bottom of the 10th for the walk-off win!”

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Why Playing Baseball Makes You a Better Person

By Jennifer Davies, Special to MSBL

Baseball is quite a popular sport, with about 15.64 million people in the United States taking part. We all know how beneficial playing baseball can be for us physically, but what about long-term benefits in regards to daily life away from the dugout? You’d be surprised to know just how much playing baseball can factor in when it comes to bettering ourselves and our lives. The core values of a baseball player, such as teamwork, time management, and responsibility, can be beneficial as they often develop into everyday life.

Responsibility, On and Off the Field

It makes sense that baseball teaches responsibility; you have to get to practice on time, remember to bring your uniform and equipment, and perform well. As a baseball player, you have responsibilities on and off the field, and being a part of the team is a major one. With the many responsibilities that you have on the field, it’s no surprise that they can carry into your day to day routine as well.

A baseball player’s routine is chock full of responsibility–one of them being time management. An athlete must embrace their responsibilities, as they have so many. Getting to practice on time because the whole team depends on you is necessary, so it’s only natural that this responsibility will more than likely develop into good time management skills. Time management is highly important in day to day life, as it’s a good habit to arrive on time to work, class, and meetings. Other responsibilities such as working well with the team and pulling weight leads to good camaraderie in a job setting. This is because in the working force, it’s important to get along well and be kind, courteous, and respectful to your peers, and baseball teaches just that as it’s highly focused on teamwork and getting along to achieve productivity.

Self-improvement Through Sport

Self-improvement is something that we all strive for, and baseball can play a major part in that. That being said, there are many ways that baseball players can self-improve in life just through playing the sport. Setting and meeting goals are something that happens in any sport, and in life. In baseball, players work towards goals such as keeping in shape, not striking out, pitching with precision and showing up on time to practice.

Self-improvement can sometimes be difficult, but baseball players are focused on it all the time. Because athletes are constantly trying to better themselves to perform their best, it’s not hard to imagine they’d be doing the same off the field. Learning from their mistakes is important and oftentimes necessary in the baseball world, but it works for life off the field as well. From jobs to social situations, we all make mistakes whether you’re an athlete or not. The important thing is to learn from them and try again, and baseball players are often taught that by their coaches. Not giving up is another asset to playing the game, and is a great personality trait to have throughout life as well, especially when things don’t turn out as expected.

The game of baseball can teach its players many things, and not just how to play the game. A baseball player learns core values and skills throughout their time playing the sport that will last a lifetime, from time management to setting and achieving their goals.