We published a College World Series feature article on our website last year titled ‘Remembrances of a Ten-Year-Old College World Series Employee’ and I think it deserves a re-read to a new audience or anyone who missed it the first time around.  Basically, the story is about a ten-year-old boy in 1960 who worked at Rosenblatt Stadium and did it all for two baseballs per day as payment.  He would have done it for free!  (Click on the picture for the rest of the story)

Louisville Slugger Warriors Amputee Baseball Team take on Southwest Florida MSBL All-Stars in Memorial Day Double-Header in Naples, Florida

Warriors general manager David Van Sleet was informed there was a four-team second-year league playing in Naples, Florida so he agreed to have his team travel to Florida to help promote the MSBL SWFL League and play a double header against an all-star team selected from the four-team league. (Click on the picture to read more)

Max Bayern Throws Perfect Game in Puget Sound

On Wednesday, June 15th, history was made in the Puget Sound Senior Baseball LeagueMax Bayern of the Sierra division-leading 30-over Rage threw a perfect 27 up and 27 down to log the perfecto!  (Click on the picture for the story)

56-year-old Dave Mumaw is a pitcher and Angelo Palladino is a catcher.  They met in 1985 back in college and now in 2022, they are still battery-mates in the Columbus MSBL.  These two are no casual buddies, however, who play pickup baseball just for fun.  They both possess a pedigree for perfection. (Click on the picture)

Chris Schilling and Don Pizzo Keep Things Humming at the Delco MSBL in Pennsylvania

Chris Schilling is the Butch to Don Pizzo’s Sundance in the Delco MSBL located in Pennsylvania, where they began in 1989, where they start playing every April and hope to conclude by mid-August.  Chris came into the league in 2006 and has emerged as the Vice President and Treasurer under League President Pizzo’s reign as headmaster, a position he has held since 2015. (Click on the picture)

We recently asked Chesapeake MSBL president Alex E Brunet to answer a few questions for us as we continue to seek the beginnings of some of our pioneer leagues as we celebrate the 35th year of the Men’s Senior Baseball League.  The Chesapeake MSBL began in 1989 and has been an integral part of the MSBL fabric for over 30 years.  Alex is also a member of the MSBL World Series powerhouse San Antonio Lonestars(Click on the picture for the complete article)

Capital District MSBL Pioneers: Don Wixon

“For the first time in years, I can run again!”  Those were a few of the opening remarks from my interview with Don Wixon, 75-year-old treasurer and still all-star caliber player in the Capital District MSBL located in and around Albany, New York.

“In February of 2020 I had both knees replaced and I was also dealing with a bad back,” elaborated the league treasurer.  “I am playing this year but 2021 wasn’t up to snuff.  I look forward to having a normal year once again.”

(Click on the picture for the story)

SoCal Titans dominate on way to 18+ title at 2022 MSBL Las Vegas Open

The SoCal Titans were a powerful club put together by Manager Enrique Rodriguez and a couple of his players. It had an All-Star pitching staff that consisted of former major Leaguers Armando Galarraga and Alfredo Garcia, who had a 20-year professional Mexican career.  Alex Romero, Aramys Santana, Hector Contin, and lefty Jean Osorio also contributed to these Titans being so impressive from the mound. (Click the picture to read more)


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Capital District MSBL Pioneers: Don Wixon