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2023 MSBL World Series Hall of Fame Inductee: Blair Hanna, Red Deer Legends

“I am very appreciative of this award,” stated Blair.  “MSBL has given us a chance to play baseball and endeavor to provide that opportunity to older players to play in Canada and MSBL. The World Series is a great way to meet new Canadian and American friends.  Again, thanks MSBL!” (Click on the picture for the story) 9212023 

2023 MSBL Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Don DeCordova, Tri-Valley MSBL and Redwood Empire Baseball League

“It’s not about the rings, it’s about everyone getting a chance to play,” stated this year’s recipient.  “I find ways for them to play.  If I have one message to share it is not to judge guys on their age. The older guys should also have a place to play. I use a ton of pool players to fill out my rosters. You can always make it work." (Click on the picture for the story) 9192023

2023 MSBL Man of the Year: Aaron Eberhardt, Central Florida Amateur Baseball League

“This award shows that MSBL appreciates my efforts and what I am doing to promote the leagues.  It also shows me personally that even in the bad times, the hard work is being appreciated.  We are fulfilling the Florida needs of having quality baseball leagues and if it continues to grow, we must be doing something right." Aaron Eberhardt 9182023 (Click on the picture for the story)

2023 MSBL World Series Hall of Fame Inductee, Bob Korvas

I send people questionnaires occasionally that I can work from to compile a story that I can then follow up with a conversation.  We’ll call it a roadmap.  In Bob’s case, as you will see, there isn’t a chance that I could capture his detail and passion.  So, though somewhat lengthy, I am leaving it alone with very little editing. Steve L. 9112023 (Click on the picture)

MSBL World Series Team Profile: Cal Vets, managed by Don DeCordova

“I am a military veteran and I wanted to assemble teams that were primarily veterans.  We have grown in the number of teams we bring so it became impossible to populate them with only military veterans.  But in their honor, I have ‘VETS’ in big letters across the front of the jerseys to make sure everyone who sees us remembers someone who is or was a veteran.” Don DeCordova 9162023(Click on the picture to read the story)

MSBL World Series Team Profile: Denver Kokopelli’s, managed by Brooks Robinson

“We have been going to Arizona for the World Series for 16 years.  In 2018, in our 10th Arizona MSBL World Series appearance, we began a run of four consecutive finals appearances, finally winning our first ring in 2019 with an 8-0 record.  Then we won again in 2021.  It’s funny how trends work." Brooks Robinson 916023 (Click on the picture for the story)

MSBL World Series Team Profile: Connecticut Navigators, managed by Greg Schienda

“Since 2019 we have had three teams, the 50+ Connecticut Navigators55+ Connecticut Jorels, and the 60+ AZ/CT United. In 2022 Rob Kandro took over the 50+ CT Navigators and Greg is now running the 55+ and 60+ teams.  Shaun Wyman has created a 35+ Connecticut Navigators younger team and they will soon be merged with the others as we all get older.” Greg Schienda 972023 (Click on the picture for the story)

World Series Team Profile: Chicago North TSP Fire, managed by Dan Gooris

“At our age, there are no real goals except to continue playing this great game as long as we can, reconnect with friends, stay healthy, and if a ring happens, it happens.  The only goal I can control is making sure we continue carrying on the great Windy City and Fire tradition." Dan Gooris 9162023 (Click on the picture for the story)

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2023 MSBL National Hall of Fame Inductee: Ryan Lutzka, Twin Cities Men’s Adult Baseball League

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