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(Updated 8:30 AM, MST, September 24, 2023)

Louis Feliz: 10/4 CC Atlanta 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, RF 646-245-4741 35+, 45+
Edgar Trejo: 10/21 DC San Diego 3B, 1B, P, DH 619-227-3660 25+
Brock DeWitt: 10/23 WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, LO, SC, CC, BH NorCal SS, 2B 209-918-5867 18+, 21+
Jose Jimenez: 10/25 CC St. Louis C, INF 912-656-8977 35+, 45+
Bill Carr: 10/26 CC New Jersey 1B 201-339-0172 60+
Pete Soto: 10/31 WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, LO, SC, CC, BH SCMABL INF, P 562-569-3284 18+
Gabriel Acevedo: 10/31 California Orange County C, 1B, 3B, OF 714-707-7317 25+
Peyton Maliszewski: 11/5 FC, KC, SC, LO, DC, BH Just finished college ball 2B, 3B, RF, C 248-210-6723 18+, 25+
John Schulstad II: 11/8 WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, LO, SC, CC, BH Puget Sound OF, P, 2B, Utility 425-245-3534 18+, 25+, 28+
Gary Shutan: 11/10 WS Father/Son Chicago North P, OF 847-452-6334 54+ Father/Son
Zach Shutan: 11/10 WS Father/Son Chicago North P, OF 847-650-1328 25+ Father/Son
Mickey Shutan: 11/10 WS Father/Son Chicago North P, OF 847-650-5433 21+ Father/Son
Alberto Marchante: 11/15 CC Chicago Central CF, LF, RF, 2B, 3B 773-449-8000 35+
Jorge Rivera Contreras: 11/18 CC, WS, FC Puerto Rico LHP, OF 727-358-8888 45+, 50+
Glen Williams: 11/21 FC, KC, WS PATPNJ 2B, OF 845-742-0155 50+, 54+, 55+
Eddie Cornwell: 11/21 WS, FC C, INF 843-810-4194 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+
Clyde Foster: 11/29 DC, KC Atlanta 1B, P, 3B 678-576-3859 35+, 45+
Chris Valis: 11/30 CC GPMABL OF, 1B, 3B, 2B 35+, 45+
Nathan McCain: 11/30 CC Indianapolis P, OF, INF 317-840-9893 25+, 35+
Magic Mears: 12/8 CC New Jersey SS, OF, P 609-579-0384 18+, 35+
Larry Hernandez: 12/12 WS, CC SFBL, AUBL 1B, 3B 786-253-9961 35+
Jeremy Espree: 12/13 WS Houston OF, 2B 409-540-2290 25+, 30+, 35+
Richard Morrissette: 12/15 WS, DC Oklahoma City SS, 3B, 2B, OF 405-823-5386 65+
Juan Carazo: 12/20 WS, CC PRBM 3B, 2B, C, P 787-248-7237 55+, 60+
Jeffrey Rodriguez: 12/26 CC Rhode Island SS, 2B, 3B 646-401-2677 25+, 33+
Richard Morrissette: 12/26 WS, FC, KC, HC,DC,LO, SC, CC, BH Oklahoma City 2B, 3B, SS, CF, LF, RF 405-823-5386 60+
Trevor Jamme: 12/31 WC, FC, KC, HC, DC, LO, SC, CC, BH INMBL CF, C, SS, 3B, 2B, LF, RF 509-723-6426 18+, 25+
Joe Marciano: 1/5 CC, FC, SC Denver C, 2B, P 720-660-6307 25+
Angel Noel Torres: 1/9 FC Houston 1B, DH 281-746-5465 55+
Allen Byrne: 1/13 CC CNCMSBL INF, OF, P 919-356-0622 50+
Miguel Cruz: 1/13 CC MSBL C, OF, 2B, P 646-259-5508 35+
Jesse Mills: 1/13 Atlanta area Atlanta 1B, 3B, SS 404-668-3413 45+
Dave Pichan: 1/13 WS, DC Detroit SS, P, OF 723-796-0149 70+
Matthew Betts: 1/13 WS MSBL P, INF, OF 602-622-0922 40+
Manuel Ojeda Albarracin: 1/13 WS Arizona C, 3B 786-721-1970 18+, 25+, 30+
Graham Thiel: 1/13 WS BAMSBL 1B, 3B, OF, C, P 415-418-0692 43+
Mitch Tucker: 1/13 WS Redwood Empire All but C and 1B 707-328-8574 45+, 55+
Mike Capone: 1/13 FC CNMSBL SS, 2B 203-710-1361 30+, 35+, 40+
Cody Schiepan: 1/13 PA, MD, DE, NJ area 1B, C 443-566-2229 25+, 30+
Frank DiMaria: 1/13 CC CNMSBL OF 224-392-8500 65+
Glenn Stevenson: 1/13 CC, WS OBA, FSCBL SS, 2B, 3B 321-501-6168 45+, 54+, 60+
James Peeler: 1/14 WS 2B, P 442-342-5525 38+
Travis Grimes: 1/16 Anything in Colorado 3B, P, LF 720-676-3523 18+
Kevin Long: 1/16 WS FC KC HC DC LO SC CC Chattanooga INF, OF, C 423-617-3085 25+
Eric Bennett: 1/19 WS, FC, Atlanta area California C, INF 760-861-5626 18+, 25+, 35+ Put me in coach!
Ramon Nickelberry: 1/20 FC P, 1B, 3B, OF 270-222-0151 46+ I am looking to join a team
Kenneth Herman: 1/20 San Diego area SWABL INF, P 503-888-5332 77+
Jeff Ebersole: 1/23 KC, FC Dayton 2B, 1B, 3B, RF 937-459-8043 50+, 55+
Juice Cottingham: 1/25 FC, HC, WS CABA Everything except catcher 205-792-8010 30+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+
Ruben Mendez: 1/26 FC Delaware 3B, Utility 201-708-5157 28+, 30+
Angel M. Lopez: 1/27 WS, FC, CC Las Vegas 3B, SS, P 910-381-5415 35+, 45+ USMC All-Star, Fall Classic champion, Holiday Classic runner-up, played in WS, LO, DC
Jordan Lange: 1/28 WS, Texas Cup San Antonio 2B, 3B, OF 480-785-6198 18+
Chris: 1/28 WS Southern Wisconsin OF, INF 35+
Brett Bender: 1/28 WS C, OF, 2B, SS 909-229-1311 50+, 55+ I was playing in the Ontario Ca 18 and over league 2 years ago
Lamont Bryant: 1/28 WS DH 347-219-3927 24+, 25+ I'm looking to join a team
Joe McGlaughlin: 1/30 WS, any in North Carolina CNMSBL 2B, SS, CF 336-698-5242 30+ Played semi-pro in North Carolina
Brandon Wheeler: 1/30 WS Father/Son Father/Son P, C, Middle INF, OF 661-231-5969 Father/Son My son and I are looking for a team. I'm 40 and he's 16 and playing high school ball. Both aggressive ball players. I've played in the WS before in my 20's. Traveling from Texas, looking for a team
Rodney Lambert: 1/31 WS, FC Chicago Central 1B, OF, DH 708-698-0557 55+, 60+ SOLID PLAYER BOTH ON AND OFF FIELD
Marcus Len Francis Davis: 2/1 WS, Texas Cup Northwest Arkansas Utility, base coach, stats 870-489-6161 25+, 45+ I am interested in the September 1-4 Texas Cup Classic, Houston, Tx 18+, 30+, 45+, 60+ Contact Joe Banasik 832-992-7246
Steve Ludwig: 2/2 KC Milwaukee Rock SS, P 262-510-6304 55+, 60+
Johnny Sanzo: 2/3 FC Connecticut North SS, 2B, 3B, OF 860-281-4140 45+, 50+, 55+ Played middle infield Division 1 college, presently in the 35+ Ct North league
Scott Sheffler: 2/3 Texas Cup Orlando OF 407-310-8593 60+
David Cameron: 2/8 FC Columbia C, 2B 843-446-1706 65+
Antonio Valdez: 2/10 WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, LO, SC, CC, BH Yucatan, Mexico, State League 2B, 3B, 1B 998-342-5165 35+ Im a team player guys, I live in Mxico but I can travel, I can help you win. I fight hard every at bat
Al Figueroa: 2/12 CC, WS, FC Long Island 2B, SS, 3B, P 917-378-5637 55+, 60+, 65+
Hiroki Ando: 2/13 FC Toronto, Canada SS, 2B, 3B, P, 1B 647-272-0615 60+ Hello, I'm a Canadian, 61 years old, looking for a spot in the FC, Nov. 12-18th
Alfonzo Pratt: 2/18 WS, FC, KC, DC, SC, CC, BH Penn State Fall League 2B 724-301-9726 18+ - 40+ My only playing experience is at Penn State University this fall in 2022 I hit a homerun in my first game in my first at bat. I hit a two run homerun in my first at bat ever, I play second base looking for a place to play where I am accepted by people. I almost hit two home runs in my first game at Penn State.
Paul Battles: 2/20 WS Chicago Central P, 2B, SS, 3B, OF 630-738-0170 55+ Father/Son Looking to play on a Father/Son team. My son is 28 and plays 1B/OF. We both play on two teams in the Chicago Mens Leagues
Eduardo Vivas: 2/23 Florida Regional Tourneys P 561-758-4805 50+ Also looking for a league in the West Palm Beach, Florida area
Edwin Montanez: 2/27 WS, FC MSBL P 787-363-9213 30+
Dago Nogales: 2/27 WS, DC SDABL SS, 2B, LF 619-829-8366 25+, 28+, 35+ All around athlete, experience in professional/college sports
Adrian Camacho: 2/28 WS Las Vegas P, OF 702-787-6385 25+, 35+
Raymond Hernandez: 3/1 WS, LO, FC, SC, Texas Open Fort Worth RHP, 2B 817-517-8885 18+, 25+, 35+
Charles Perry: 3/1 FC, DC, SC WMABSL P, 1B 478-508-3263 50+, 60+ Playing in 50/60+ WMABSL in Atlanta, GA (Saturdays) this year. Played at Mercer Univ -1980-83
Tyreiss King: 3/1 DC, SC, CC Atlanta OF, 1B 479-420-3291 35+ Thank you!
Scorpio Sophanavong: 3/2 SC MSBL Utility 309-210-9797 35+ I just wanna play in the tournament in Florida
Alex Shutterly: 3/3 WS, FC NJABL P 551-208-9360 28+, 35+
Gerardo Guzman Uvence: 3/3 WS, CC Merida, Yucatan INF, 1B, 2B 951-243-2093 45+
Tom Brooks: 3/3 FC West Metro Atlanta OF, 2B 770-696-7289 55+ I currently play in 3 different leagues. I played D3 college baseball. I can play all 3 outfield positions and second base. I'm a good contact hitter who runs extremely well, I run 5 and 10K's regularly and have above average speed
Noah Bryan: 3/6 WS, FC, HC MSBL 1B, 2B, OF 630-632-6660 21+
Allen Arena: 3/7 FC Jacksonville P, C 904-504-6018 45+, 50+, 55+ Pitch to contact pitcher, very few walks, Very good results with a good defense
James Cromis: 3/8 KC, HC, DC, LO, SC, CC San Luis Obispo, CA OF, INF, P, C 805-801-4215 25+, 45+
Roger Portes: 3/8 WS, FC, KC, HC Orlando, Puerto Rico Class A OF, INF 407-404-0027 18+, 25+, 30+ Switch hitter with power. Typically 2nd guy on the lineup. Can play INF OF or DH
Alec Bargmeyer: 3/9 DC C, 1B, LF, RF 530-433-6423 26+
William Haynes: 3/12 FC, WS, KC P, 2B, SS, OF 539-218-6753 40+ Thanks for the opportunity It's been my lifelong dream to be in a game once more. From HS baseball until the present that is. I'm 41 yrs so my arm has 23 yrs of rust but I can still get out there and make things happen for any ball club
Vernon Ramassar: 3/14 HC Brevard, Florida P, 1B, RF 321-438-4256 54+
Rick Swierad: 3/15 FC, WS NEO 1B, OF, DH 440-476-7457 65+ Looking to play in the FC in Florida. I currently in Florida. Played in HS 1 year College and Roy Hobbs in NEO
John Heamstead: 3/17 FC PMBL P, INF 301-788-9735 60+
Steve Lewis: 3/20 FC Arizona OF 732-598-7117 70+, 73+
Joe Yagher: 3/21 WS CF, Utility 949-322-6158 18+, 25+, 35+, 40+ Bat left throw right play OF can also play 2b,3b,1b,C. Played as high as college ball with a invite to a few spring training camps for Indy ball. Age 42
Corey Myers: 3/23 WS Tucson OF, C, P 910-467-2256 18+, 25+
Roger Portes: 3/27 Atlanta area Orlando OF, INF, DH 407-404-027 18+, 25+, 30+ Switch hitter with power. Can play INF or OF. Facebook Roger Portes. Instagram @Rogerfitness.32 for highlights
Dane Colunga: 3/27 WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, SC 1B, P 925-321-8100 18+ (27 years old) looking for a team to get on so I can play ball again here in michigan
Brian Nelson: 3/28 WS with Kyle and Blake (below) Arizona P, 1B 208-720-7495 48+ Father/Son I'm 48 and looking to play with my 2 boys 24 and 22. We are in the Phoenix area
Kyle Nelson: 3/28 WS Father/Son with Brian Arizona CF, LF, RF, P 208-721-8914 WS Father/Son with Brian I am 24. My father Brian is shown above
Blake Nelson: 3/28 WS Father/Son with Brian Arizona 2B 208-721-0332 WS Father/Son with Brian I am 22. My father Brian is shown above
Mark Foley: 3/29 WS Raleigh OF, INF, P 919-943-0267 45+ or Father/Son
Sean Foley: 3/29 WS Boston OF 781-879-0501 45+ or Father/Son
Ihsan Jones: 3/31 Texas area 1B, OF 469-297-8437 18+
David Ramos: 3/31 FC SJMSBL 1B, OF 50+, 55+, 60+ I already play 53+ Holiday classic every year
Alex: 3/31 WS Arizona OF 18+
Scott R.: 4/3 WS Rochester 2B, SS, 3B, C, OF 35+ Looking to play in the 40+ and the 35+ world series in Arizona this fall
Jay-J Jones: 4/3 WS Puget Sound P, OF 253-315-3156 25+
Shawn McGee: 4/4 Cleveland area Ohio SS, 2B, OF 440-381-3482 25+
Mark Gatlin: 4/7 FC Middle inf., 3B, OF, P 757-630-1784 55+ In very good shape and conditioning. Fast runner, agile, lots of range. Strong arm. Versatile--can play anywhere except catcher (no experience there). Hit in 300s last time I played (against 70-80s mph pitching)
Matthew Yaciuk: 4/7 FC Syracuse DH, RF, P 315-761-1484 28+
Cesar Guzman: 4/8 WS Pancho cohimbre OF, P 305-927-2253 25+
Yong Lee: 4/11 FC NJKBL CF, SS, 2B 917-344-0287 21+ Would like to try out for the NJ Reds 55 and over
Johnny Diaz: 4/11 WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, LO, SC, CC, BH Tampa Central OF, INF, C, P 813-420-0420 18+, 23+ Played Juco in Florida, currently play regurlarly throughout the week. Very Committed
Andre Culp: 4/12 CC Canton, Ohio CF, 2B, SS, LF, 3B 330-903-0488 35+
Benjamin Baker: 4/16 WS P, OF 248-574-1450 18+
Ruben Rivera: 4/17 WS SoCal 2B, SS, 3B, OF 657-799-8471 18+
Abel Vizcarrondo: 4/18 WS Puerto Rico OF, 1B 787-962-9763 50+ Im looking a team in 50+ , I be there in Phoenix from October 6 to October 26. I play in PR if you need more information only call me 787-962-9763
Brandon Gaskey: 4/21 WS 1B, OF, RHP 310-999-7515 18+, 25+ Age: 33 HT: 607 WT: 270. Dying to play ball
Jose Useche: 4/21 FC P, SS 347-368-9506 55+ Play Ball!
Riley Krane: 4/22 WS F/S with John (below) Utah 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF, P,C 303-880-7636 18+ Looking to play in father/son division with father John Krane (
John Krane: 4/22 WS F/S with Riley (above) Denver C, P, 1b, 2B, SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF 720-576-5210 Father/Son Looking to play in the father/son division. Son (Riley just retired from pro baseball
Josh Ellison: 4/24 HC C, SS, 2B, CF, LF 256-504-6224 18+, 30+
Hector Cintron: 5/1 FC North Tampa P, 1B, 2B 941-467-8560 60+, 65+
Mal Sporne: 5/1 Needs 65+ players for WS Australia Any positions 041-942-2276 65+ for Aussie Aces The Aussie Aces are returning and need a couple of players for our 65+ team Can you help out the Aussies ?
Terence Joyce: 5/1 WS P, CF, RF 602-821-8532 25+
Jon Anderton: 5/3 WS Father/Son Arizona 3B, 2B, SS 206-949-5015 WS Father/Son Looking to play in the Zona Division. Jon (Son, Age 48): 2015 - 2021 PSSBL (!/player/4354); 2021 - current AZMSBL ( - primary position 3B, also 2B/SS. David (Father, Age 69) - Played High School Varsity Baseball and Joe Dimaggio before college. Left-handed. First Base. Outfield. Played fast pitch, medium pitch and slow pitch softball for 30 years.
Carlos Mogollon: 5/3 FC, WS, HC, SC South Florida SS, 2B 901-616-3270 30+, 35+
Paul Katzeff: 5/3 FC Redwood Empire 3B, P, LF 707-964-0118 73+ I am a solid 3B and I throw strikes(four seam and sinker). Played for Donny deCordova <
Victor Vaccaro: 5/4 WS, FC, Liberty Bell Classic Mohawk Valley 2B, SS, CF, RF, LF 315-569-2496 50+, 55+
Kurt Cohen: 5/5 FC RHP, 1B 954-494-1613 18+ RHP, Was recruited to pitch at UTampa. Played 3 seasons of Collegiate Summer Baseball. Recently pitched in the NCBA for UCF's Division 1 team. 10 2/3 innings, 1.69 ERA with 13 K's.
Chris Wagner: 5/8 WS, SC SS, 3B, 2B, C, RHP, OF 951-830-4378 35+ Can play all positions
David Yamas: 5/8 BH, CC, SC, LO, DC, HC, KC, FC, WS OF, 2B, 3B 601-937-4580 18+ Looking for a home team as well as fill in spots. Im currently in Mississippi.
PJ DiBiase: 5/12 FC RIMA LHP, OF, 1B 401-439-9041 50+ GORHODY47@HOTMAIL.COM
Tristan Carrell: 5/12 WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, LO, SC, CC, BH LF, CF, RF, 1B 928-386-9241 18+
Charles Lee: 5/13 BH 2B, SS, 3B 734-395-9547 45+, 50+
Kevin London: 5/16 FC 40+ P, DH 724-717-4148 55+
Stephen McClure: 5/17 FC 35+, 55+ P, INF 905-308-1902 55+, 60+, 65+ RH Pitcher / LH Bat
Julio Gallagher: 5/18 KC, FC, or any in New Jersey OF, SS, 2B 732-801-5300 35+ I havent played baseball only softball but I want to really push myself and play hardball for once in my life. Never had the opportunity and Im willing to give it my 110%
David Hoppe: 5/30 WS P, OF, INF 480-714-6190 18+, 22+ Trying to join a team and play in Aizona
Artie Johnson: 5/30 FC Long Island P, 1B, 2B 516-996-8794 45+, 55+
Keyan Shod: 6/2 FC Atlanta Midweek P, OF 678-521-3309 35+
Wayne Mibb: 6/2 WS Oklahoma SS, 3B, 2B 918-373-3736 55+
Jim Tapper: 6/2 DC San Diego 1B, C 951-378-1186 60+
Marcos Del Rio: 6/3 WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, SC, CC, BH Chicago P, SS, 3B, 2B, OF 708-815-5106 25+
Christopher Sutliff: 6/5 WS OC MSBL P, C, 3B, 2B, OF 949-892-7206 38+ Text prefered, located in Irvine CA area
Omar Ortiz: 6/6 WS P, 1B, 2B, OF 602-451-1136 21+ Utility player
Henry Cassmeyer: 6/7 WS, FC, SC, CC, KC, HC Kansas City All 913-213-9701 45+ I am a serviceable pitcher, but by no means an ACE. I am not a pitcher only type of player, but I can fill innings and get outs
Junmin 'Jun' Lee: 6/7 WS None yetmaybe San Diego 2B 619-932-0562 18+ Im new at baseball
James Poppleton: 6/10 WS OF, 2B, 3B 480-620-5385 35+ No league - been working steady now, daily batting cage and 2 practices a week with some 55+ guys
Yan Rail: 6/12 WS Senior P, SS, 2B, 1B 506-726-7262 40+
Michael Pike: 6/12 WS, DC SS, 3B, 2B, P, LF 919-360-0939 60+
Rafael V. Ibarra, Jr.: 6/12 Sacramento or California Bay Area LHP, Utility 415-336-7373 18+, 25+, 35+ Looking for more 25+ and 35+. Tournaments only.
Javier Segnini: 6/12 FC 18+, 28+ 1B, OF 786-557-1201 18+, 28+ I lived in NJ and im looking a team to play in the west palm beach fall classic, i got 31 years old
John Olivieri: 6/13 FC Long Island 3B, 1B, OF 646-523-8783 60+
Brian Lawlor: 6/13 WS San Jose P, OF, C, INF 617-413-8656 25+ San Jose MSBL (.375 BA, .450 OBP) NCAA Baseball Fitchburg State University, NCAA Track, Santa Monica Dolphins Rugby, Olympic Club Rugby, Boston Marathon X10, San Francisco Track and Field Mile 4:30
Spiro Roberts: 6/13 WS Father/Son Chicago North OF 847-271-8442 Father/Son Would like to catch on with a Father-Son team with my 20 year old son Trey Roberts. We are both competitive players. He played thru High School, mostly outfield. I've played in AZ for 20+ years, lucky to be on 3 teams that won a ring. Mostly want to enjoy playing on a team with my son. Older son (23 years old) who played college baseball "may" also play, depends on work schedule. Thanks in advance.
Ryan Frankel: 6/15 WS Arizona SS, 2B 847-770-1912 25+ I am a 25 year old SS/2B. Played college ball, indy ball, and with the Philippines National Team. Interested in joining a team for the 25+ World Series in AZ in the National or American division
Edgar Torres: 6/16 FC, HC, CC, SC Pompano Beach SS, 2B, OF 305-281-4675 18+, 28+, 30+
Harold Baquedano: 6/16 FC, CC, HC, SC North Carolina C, 1B, 3B, OF 305-878-2942 18+, 28+, 30+, 35+
Blair Hanna: 6/16 WS (looking for players) Red Deer Legends, Canada Manager of teams 403-598-6650 73+, 75+ Red Deer Legends, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada is looking for players for 73+ and 75+
Richard Kain: 6/19 FC Long Island INF, OF 631-505-7923 45+, 55+
Davon Poole: 6/19 WS SS, CF, 2B 916-410-6586 18+ Played baseball at Saint Marys was a 2x All American and played professionally for the Pecos League
Eric Gruccio: 6/19 FC New York OF, INF 184-901-4257 50+
Alberto Negron: 6/19 FC, KC Florida P, CF, SS 994-792-1219 25+
Johnny Sanchez: 6/19 FC Huntsville 3B 619-734-8920 25+, 40+ 25+ but looking to play 40+ for tournament
Andrew Nettles: 6/19 WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, LO, SC, CC, BH 2B, SS, 3B, CF, LF, RF 818-938-3779 18+
David Harney: 6/19 WS, FC, DC Tucson 2B, 3B, SS, 1B 520-370-8459 45+ Please shoot me an email if interested. I am having back surgery on July 12th but will be able to play again August 12th. I am currently on the DL for my league but sporadically play if needed until surgery
Will E. Johnson: 6/20 WS Delaware 2B, 3B, OF, P 856-506-7855 25+
Pete Brandt: 6/20 LO Ramirez 1B, C, SS 818-800-7230 45+
Ronald Sgarlata: 6/21 WS, FC CNMSBL 3B, SS, 2B 847-387-0602 65+ RSGARLATA0401@GMAIL.COM
Pete Ojeda: 6/21 WS Father/Son 3B 253-987-9412 50+ Looking for Father/Son team
Roland Cruz: 6/22 WS Father/Son 2B 360-310-6646 54+ Father/Son
Jake Thompson: 6/22 WS OF, C 248-933-8110 18+
Alcides Villalobos: 6/23 FC Dallas RF, DH 214-284-4616 45+
Andres Acosta: 6/25 FC 1B, 3B 561-335-8127 18+, 25+
Casey Miller: 6/26 WS Various MSBL leagues 2B, 3B, SS 704-747-6786 25+ Switch hitter with years of experience in competitive adult leagues, tournaments, and facing pro pitching (live BPs for showcases). Played D1
Steve Faigin: 6/26 MSBL HOF member looking for players! Chicago Manager of 75+ 312-907-4770 75+ Needs a few players for Mudville9 75+ World Series team
Joseph McLaughlin: 6/27 ALL CNCMSBL P, SS, 2B, CF 18+, 25+, 30+, 35+, 40+ Played in Vegas Classic in March and am looking to play in September in South Carolina
Aaron Duhon: 6/29 WS, FC Houston OF, Middle INF 713-859-9695 60+
Jason and Elijah Brown: 6/30 WS Father/Son Rhode Island Both Utility/Pitcher 401-499-3003 Father/Son Trying to find a team in the New England area. We are from Rhode Island
Jeff Jones: 7/2 WS, FC, SC SS, 2B, 3B, RHP, C 845-741-2671 18+ Located in Crystal River Florida and will travel only in Florida
Bernard Michaels: 7/2 All Red Lion 38+ All 717-999-3620 35+ Just moved to Louisville kentucky from Pennsylvania
Louis DeLuca: 7/7 FC Palm Beach SS, 3B, 2B 631-944-1857 70+ Current active player, good bat, runs well, former college player
Chris Sanicola: 7/10 WS, FC, DC, LO Stan Musial CF, OF 516-353-3805 22+, 25+ Former College baseball player, 5 years removed. Currently hit .400 in SM mens league. speedy outfielder with strong arm. Good person on and off field
Bruce Kelly: 7/10 FC John DeBenedictis OF 484-432-6577 65+
Jeremy Clubb: 7/10 All St. Louis OF, INF, P 314-296-8978 18+, 25+, 35+
Rasean Lawson: 7/10 DC MSBL 2B, SS 25+
Will Adams: 7/10 WS Kentuckiana 1B, 2B, 3B, LF 25+
Louis Tiller: 7/10 WS Father/Son w/ 3 sons WVMBL 1B, C 503-871-2284 Father/Son father(Lou) is 65 and playing 1b and c in40+. Carl is 39 and plays of, p, 2b, Chris is 35 Nd plays cf, c,inf., Cory is 32 and plays p, of, inf
Christopher Leclair: 7/11 WS MSBL C, OF, INF 510-612-7754 35+ I live in Goodyear AZ. I currently play in the MSBL league in AZ
Jamus Peterman: 7/12 FC, WS, HC Bux-Mont P, 3B, 1B 240-625-5602 18+, 25+, 35+, 45+
John Sawicki: 7/14 FC Tampa P, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, RF 850-766-7447 50+
William Burke: 7/15 FC Long Island 1B, OF 631-875-4947 50+, 55+
Erin O'Donnell: 7/18 WS Philadelphia C, 3B, 2B, RF, LF 609-696-8988 35+
Brandon McCoy: 7/18 WS NWAMSBL C, INF, OF 713-206-6220 18+, 25+, 35+
Rob Koetje: 7/18 WS Grand Rapids, MI 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF 616-516-9024 40+ Normally play OF or 1B, but play all as needed, even catch but not looking to catch in tournament.
Zachary Love: 7/19 WS, FC SAMSBL Utility 812-351-1470 18+, 25+ Independent ball player. Played in Pecos and other Indy pro leagues
David Cole: 7/19 FC MSBL P 360-431-8657 60+
Leroy Hatcher: 7/19 WS West Metro Atlanta C, 1B 301-247-3269 55+ Caught nearly every game over the past 7 seasons of 45+ and 50+ teams
Will Diaz: 7/20 WS Los Angeles 2B, P, 3B, 1B 213-219-8508 55+ I'm a solid, Cactus division player. I'm a strike thrower and don't walk a lot of hitters. I can credibly play any of the infield positions. I mostly play 2B and 3B when I'm not pitching. I'll turn 55 this December, so I'm "young" for the division. I'm looking for a team that needs guys to play some in most, or all of the games. I'm not interested in being the 20th guy who only gets a few innings for the whole tourney. Thanks a lot
Justice Baldwin: 7/21 WS, FC, HC C, 3B, rover 818-426-0727 18+-42+ I'm 41, flexible to tournament age groups. Highschool,Pcbl, LA city park
Dakota Berry: 7/24 WS Chesapeake SS, 2B, CF 719-685-6962 18+ I am currently a baseball player for Delaware Tech College. I have opportunities to try out for the Savannah Bananas and teams for the Pioneer independent pro league! Im looking to join one of the rosters for one of these tournaments! I ball out!!
Jeremy Moss: 7/24 DC Chicago North LF, CF, P 773-683-4073 45+ Throw left, bat left
Edward Masone: 7/24 WS P, 1B 631-909-4804 45+, 55+ I live in East Moriches, NY
Ayinde Zuri: 7/24 WS, FC, LO Detroit RF, CF, LF, 1B 313-574-3519 30+, 40+ Played some college ball. Looking to travel and play some baseball
Justin Milburn: 7/24 DC, KC New Mexico OF 505-401-1889 25+ Play in 18+ Colorado Springs - Rocky Mountain Baseball Bash and 25+ MSBL World Series team. We don't do other tournaments and I'm looking to get some games in during the offseason. I play any OF position and can play 2B or 3B if needed. Above average speed, like to snag bags! Can pitch a few dirty innings too
Robert Reistad: 7/24 WS Father/Son Palm Springs All but catcher 760-455-5437 Father 60/Son 29 Dad & son available for phoenix tourney.
Ron DiVincenzo: 7/24 FC Ohio LF, CF, RF 330-360-7074 70+ Played 30+ years of senior baseball in Canton, OH and Youngstown, OH. Plus tournaments after season--10 years at Roy Hobbs Fort Myers. 8 years MSBL World Series Phoenix, AZ, Have Speed, good defense and batting average
Elvin Vu: 7/24 Tourneys near LA Los Angeles 1B, 2B, 3B, OF 415-939-5631 35+ Interested in playing tournament baseball near Los Angeles. Thanks
Riley Baptiste: 7/24 WS OKC MSBL 1B, OF 405-426-0918 35+, 40+
Sean Huff: 7/24 FC, WS NTABL 1B, OF, P 214-709-5519 30+
Phil Moses: 7/25 FC John DeBenedictis 1B, 2B, OF 610-476-9609 70+
Fernando Pieras: 7/26 FC Florida C, 3B, 1B, P 787-645-3326 70+
Frank Barnett: 7/27 FC North Tampa Any 678-873-4188 60+ I will play anywhere, catcher being my least played position
Victor Connelly: 7/27 All Florida tournaments Clearwater P, INF, OF Player/Manager 386-837-4366 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+ Having eye surgery soon! Then will be ready
Ross Herring: 7/28 FC John DeBenedictis 3B, SS, 1B 704-906-9500 65+
Julio Pastrana: 7/31 FC CNCMSBL OF, 1B 919-709-9793 18+ Currently playing for Nycmbl In New york
Dave Treadway: 7/31 WS Santa Barbara 2B, SS, 3B, Utility 805-403-3369 55+
Jeremy Giovannetti: 7/31 WS, FC Taos CF, LF, RF, 3B, P 806-789-8510 18+, 25+, 30+ I played a little college. Very good outfielder with a great arm. Good hitter. Good pitcher with 4 pitches, can throw decently hard and throws a lot of strikes. Good stamina
Michael McReynolds: 7/31 WS Father/son w/ Herb Phoenix P, INF, OF 520-490-3356 currently 33 years old Played in prior F/S tourneys, currently playing in Phoenix league. With Father Herb above. Live in Phoenix area so available
Herb McReynolds: 7/31 WS Father/Son w/ Michael INF 520-990-4850 70 years old Have played in 20 MSBL WS and managed and played 4 F/S WS. See son Michael below who can P,IF, OF. Live in AZ. I'm not looking for much PT unless needed. We're prob a good fit for Zona or Cactus div
Jim Piner: 7/31 WS Madison, WI 3B, SS, OF 608-772-5151 55+ Typically play with our WI team in the 50+ but the dates dont work for me this year. I am a solid defender and am typically a middle of the order hitter-but am a team guy who has a great attitude and enjoy playing
Tom Brooks: 7/31 HC, SC, FC West Metro Atlanta OF, 2B 770-696-7289 54+
Gary Beese: 8/1 WS Southern Colorado 2B, 3B, P, C 719-330-7475 40+
Hector Velasquez: 8/2 HC Orlando 1B, OF, P 954-817-6144 30+ Lefty, contact hitter, excellent defense. Active throughout the year playing weekly in addition to multiple tournaments throughout the year
Gregory Coster: 8/2 FC Chesapeake RF, LF 443-802-3333 45+ Great team player.10+ years MSBL experience. Will pay immediately, wont complain about playing timenot looking for an MLB contract anytime soon! Feel free to call my current league for a reference
Chris Wido: 8/3 FC CNMSBL RHP 630-373-9747 28+
Jim Nicholson: 8/4 WS Arizona C, OF, SS, 3B, 2B 845-551-8794 45+ Positions listed in order of most frequently played. Been playing 10 years in MSBL/ Year round since move to AZ in other leagues as well
Brendan Madden: 8/6 FC, SC, DC, CC MSBL 18+ P, 1B 631-402-2218 18+ From Long Island area
Brad Holstad: 8/6 WS Lansing, MI OF 517-749-2425 55+ Play 30+ and 40+ in league
Paul Luzetski: 8/7 WS Ventura, CA C, 1B, 2B, 3B, RF, LF 40+
Sean Bennett: 8/8 KC Pecos C, 3B, 1B 810-599-5887 18+, 25+ Would have at least one other player from my indy ball team interested
Eric Bennett: 8/9 King of Rock Home Talent C, INF 760-861-5626 18+, 25+, 35+ First team to grab me wins
Keith B: 8/9 WS, FC Atlanta INF, OF 45+
Brian Smith: 8/10 WS, FC Diamond 1B 424-222-0268 45+, 50+, 55+
Joseph Gay: 8/10 WS San Diego C, 1B, OF 619-715-1342 55+ Play for Berry's Baseball Club
Scott Miller: 8/10 WS Senior AAA OF, 1B, 2B, P 780-257-1089 35+, 40+ played jr college and senior aaa, play with fire department team
Ramon Simpson: 8/10 WS Fresno INF, OF, P 559-745-5561 55+
William Lear: 8/10 WS DCMSBL P, C, 2B, 3B 301-365-1718 70+, 73+, 75+ pitch competitively in 50+ and 60+ DCMSBL
Greg Nall: 8/10 WS 45+ 1B, 2B, RF 262-496-4105 60+ WS 60+ Open to pitching a few innings every other game if necessary
Raul Martes: 8/12 WS SoCal 2B 949-525-0657 60+ Looking for a team , been playing ball almost all my life , Im pretty fast and have a good arm
Denzil Carter: 8/13 FC Greensboro OF, 2B 276-732-9745 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+ good hitter and good arm
Archer Summers: 8/13 WS Southern Colorado C, 2B 719-619-9566 45+ I am a passionate ballplayer and would love to get a shot to play. I will be coming down with my buddy Gary Beese as well. No problem if we are split up
Rick Hendrickson: 8/13 WS National tourneys P, 1B 270-399-5784 70+ DOB 7/8/52 MSBL tourneys in past. At that time 55+. In Phoenix and Las Vegas
Phillip DeArte: 8/13 WS Father/Son P, 3B, 2B, 1B, C, OF 530-329-3795 Father/Son My son and I are looking for a team to join for this year's WC F/S tournament. We have played in the tournament several times. I am 51 and my son is 22. He pitches and plays 3B and outfield
William Burke: 8/13 FC Long Island 1B, OF 631-875-4937 50+, 55+ I've been in the league for 25 years and have played consistently in both summer MSBL and both summer and fall LI Midweek Baseball Leagues. I am listed previously with the incorrect phone number. 6318754937 is the correct number
William George Laquette: 8/14 WS Manitoba 1B, 3B, P, 204-891-7967 65+, 70+ Played first base and pitch. Looking for a team that plays for fun
Robert/Matthew Horne: 8/14 WS Father/Son WestPut P, C, SS, 3b, 2b, OF 914-471-5402 40+ Father/Son
Wesley Hilyard: 8/14 Any MSBL 36+ CF, P 860-822-3761 40+ I played for two years in the league one year with Ledyard Angel's and 2023 season with the East Lyme Jays
Jerry Peace: 8/14 FC, DC, SC, KC, LO Oklahoma City P, INF, OF 405-550-0472 60+ OKC team only plays in WS so I'm looking to play in additional tournaments throughout the year.
Adam Lovelace: 8/14 SC, FC Charleston RHP, 1B 843-297-6196 35+
Sam Bouquin: 8/15 WS Father/Son P, OF 925-998-6868 30+ With James Bouquin
James Bouquin: 8/15 WS Father/Son Tri Valley C, INF 925-998-6868 65+ With Sam Bouquin
Chris Gastelum: 8/15 WS, FC, DC Tucson P, OF, 1B 520-302-0027 18+ I live in Tucson but I can travel for the tournament. Im 35 years old but still can find the strike zone. I can pitch 4-7 solid innings and I throw in the low 80s- mid 80s max
Courtney Sapin: 8/16 WS San Diego C, 2B, 3B (55) P, C, 2B, 3B (60) 858-231-4737 55+, 60+ Positions in order of my strengths
Paul Noble: 8/16 WS, FC, SC Central Arkansas OF, 1B, 2B, P 501-317-0096 50+, 65+ DOB 5/13/1957 I would like to be placed on same team as Mark Bryan(free agent)
Jacob Nole: 8/17 WS Fresno 1B, OF 559-567-6607 40+ DOB 4/18/1979 I have family in AZ so may be available last minute
Butch Schuman: 8/17 WS Kansas City OF, 1B, P 913-530-8051 65+ DOB 12/12/1951
John Ferraro: 8/17 New York area MSBL P 631-972-4043 45+ DOB 12/13/1977 Played for NY Grizzlies. Looking for a team that plays most games closer to My home in Miller Place. Do not want to travel to Nassau for games. I can pitch some innings and play second base. Out field if necessary
Kevin Broderivkc: 8/18 WS Omaha P, CF, 1B 402-490-7434 60+, 65+ DOB 5/12/1958
Steve Kono: 8/18 WS Puget Sound C, Middle Inf., RF 253-653-5310 65+ DOB 11/10/1951 Catching limited to two innings at a time, knees & hips need at least one inning break; Preference 1) Desert Division; 2) Cactus Division 3. I'm also playing Father/Son, 8/26-29 so only available 8/22-26
Mark Bryan: 8/19 WS, FC, SC INF, OF 870-904-8030 60+, 65+ DOB 11/17/1957 Would like to be paired with Paul Noble (above)
Mark Field: 8/20 KC CF, LF, RF, 3B, SS, 2B, 1B 315-450-2569 65+ DOB 7/8/1956 Can play multiple positions, would like to play both weeks with same team if possible
Marcus David: 8/21 FC NWAMSBL Utility 870-489-6161 26+ DOB 9/7/1973 I did not compete this summer but paid for participation and had school. Would like to begin with the Fall Classic in preparation for next season. 40+, 50+, or under
Jeremy Johanski: 8/23 WS Southern Wisconsin P, 2B, OF 920-606-6008 25+ DOB 9/12/1983 Starter or Long Reliever, 2B or OF when not pitching. Controlled and efficent - see regular season 18+ stats:
Eric Bennett: 8/23 WS Home Talent League INF, C 18+, 25+, 35+, 40+ DOB 1/17/1979 I have friends I can bring as well
Dave Fantry: 8/23 FC Long Island P, C, 3B, 1B 516-348-4496 45+, 50+, 55+ 10/27/1967
Tommy Evans: 8/23 WS Houston C, P, OF, INF 281-761-5249 60+ DOB 11/30/1960 I can still run well. I prefer the OF, but I can play any position. I prefer catcher, 3rd, SS for the IF. But i will play wherever I can best help the team
Doug Cody: 8/23 WS Tulsa 18+ SS, 3B, OF 405-412-6724 50+, 55+ DOB 8/25/1960 5'11" 180 can pitch in relief a little
Charles (Gus) Manning: 8/23 WS Tri Valley 2B, 3B, RF, LF, P, 1B 650-520-0351 73+, 75+ DOB 12/18/1944 Veteran infielder, careful batter, looking for a 73+ team
Randy Banner: 8/23 HC Sacramento and Palm Beach OF, 1B, P 704-497-6836 45+ DOB 4/3/1973 I play a lot. Pretty good
Larry Berg: 8/24 WS Father/Son with Adam (below) P, INF, OF 713-344-6914 Father/Son DOB 4/30/1951
Adam Berg: 8/24 WS Father/Son with Larry (above) P, INF, OF 713-344-6914 Father/Son DOB 10/27/1986
Ruben Herrera: 8/24 FC BAMSBL P, SS, 2B, 3B 415-652-8638 50+ DOB 6/6/1966 I play in the 35+ in the San Francisco Bay Area league. I currently play in the police/fire games. Willing to travel to Florida to play. Alway wanted to play in the tournament
Charles Loseth: 8/25 WS Father/Son with Chuck Sacramento P, 1B 916-687-3150 Father/Son DOB 1/10/1951 Son Charles plays in 40 the over. Pitcher/Inf. An excellent player
Chuck Loseth: 8/25 WS Father/Son with Charles Sacramento INF, P 916-340-5244 Father/Son DOB 10/6/1972 Very good left-handed hitter. Father Chuck played in the minor leagues in the 70's
Junior Antoniazzi: 8/25 FC Palm Beach 1B, DH 305-613-1739 45+ DOB 12/26/1977
Chris Michaels: 8/26 WS Denver Middle Inf, OF, P 505-560-9597 25+, 35+ DOB 3/29/1984
Clint Maschhoff: 8/27 WS, KC Puget Sound OF, 2B 618-599-3008 25+ DOB 7/11/1989 Looking to play in 2023 Phoenix World Series
Scott Rosenberg: 8/27 WS, HC Tampa 3B, SS 171-879-1993 45+, 50+, 55+ DOB 9/1/1963
Hector Mujica: 8/27 FC Puerto Rico C, INF, P 787-413-4412 65+ DOB 1954
Albert Ulibarri: 8/28 WS Dodgertown West 3B, 1B, P 775-443-7321 60+ DOB 11/1/1955
Paul Czelusniak: 8/28 KC, DC, KO, WS Tri Valley C, 2B, 1B 925-301-0389 40+, 45+ DOB 11/8/1978
Nathan Bemoll: 8/28 WS Irvine P, 2B, swith-hitter 949-312-7040 45+, 50+ DOB 3/6/1971 I'd like to be on the same team as Jeff Herchert
Jeff Herchert: 8/28 WS Irvine LHP 482-235-1023 50+ DOB 3/21/1968
John Denney: 8/28 WS Father/Son Tallahassee P, 1B 502-552-5596 Father/Son DOB 5/2/1957
John 'Matty' Jones: 8/28 WS Puget Sound C, 3B 253-951-3351 55+, 60+ DOB 6/10/1960
Todd Leanues: 8/29 WS SJMSBL CF 650-224-3823 45+, 50+, 55+ DOB 11/1/1964
Gilbert Garcia: 8/29 WS SDABL 2B, SS 760-532-7828 25+, 30+ DOB 2/17/1987 Been playing adult baseball for 4 years and also played high school
Justin Stephens: 8/29 WS SMSBL 1B, 3B 916-546-8829 25+ DOB 4/10/1990
Toba Elegbe: 8/30 WS Nigeria SS 070-362-6145 40+, 48+ DOB 7/12/1974 Hello, my name is Elegbe Toba Anthony, I am based in Nigeria, I represented Nigeria at the world triple A U-18 Championship in Brandon Manitoba Canada in 1991, I am a short stop player. I am 48+. I am presently a coach with Delta state sports commission, Asaba, Delta state Nigeria. My club is the defending champion for the past 16 years. I have represented Nigeria at regional, national and international level both as a player and a coach. I am still yet to get a team to join and so I like you to link me up with any available team. I basically play short stop. Toba
Tony Plicka: 8/31 SC Milwaukee Rock OF, 2B 414-426-8205 60+ DOB 9/17/1954
William Burke: 9/1 WS, FC Long Island 1B, OF 631-875-4937 60+ DOB 7/4/1955 LIMSBL league member for 25 years. LI Midweek Baseball League member for 15 years
Kevin Molloy: 9/2 DC, SC Denver 1B, P, 3B, INF 302-668-9180 25+, 35+ DOB 12/5/1984
Tom Nickol: 9/3 FC Indiana P, 2B, OF 317-431-9667 50+, 60+ DOB 9/4/1958
Jorge Leon Lacott: 9/3 WS, FC, KC, DC, HC, SC, BH Arizona OF 692-410-8743 55+, 60+ DOB 5/20/1961 I grew up playing baseball in Puerto Rico. Love the game. Looking to join a team and stay active
Donald Smith: 9/3 FC Clearwater OF, 1B 352-318-3127 60+ DOB 7/20/1959 Currently play in 45+ league in Clearwater, FL. Have played for NJ Reds and attended the FC since 2012. I am left handed
Joe Zamora: 9/5 WS San Diego 3B, P, SS 760-688-5419 55+ DOB 8/7/1964 Mostly third base, some relief pitching
Cuathemoc Solis: 9/5 FC MSBL 1B, DH 858-833-5253 35+ DOB 7/30/1978 Looking to play in any Tournament. Im a pretty good stick I normally hit 4th or 5th in the line up
Lou DeLuca: 9/7 FC Palm Beach SS, 2B, 3B 631-944-1857 65+, 70+ DOB 11/24/1949 current active player, runs well, versatile, good bat
Jeff Breglio: 9/7 WS Tri Valley P, 1B, 3B 408-203-2701 50+ DOB 11/17/1954 4 yrs college ball, versatile player/pitcher & prior WS champion. Looking to help round out a competitive 50+ team
John Egelsen: 9/7 FC Delaware P, 1B, 2B, 3B, OF 856-506-7855 28+ DOB 8/17/1989
Lester A. Reinoso: 9/7 WS MSBL LF, CF, RF 951-473-5147 35+, 45+ DOB 6/1/1978 Throw right-switch hitter
Sean Kennedy: 9/7 WS SoCal All 909-273-0034 60+ DOB 9/9/1964
Russell Pennington: 9/7 WS Eugene OF, P 541-525-8148 55+ DOB 2/8/1964
Keith Futrell: 9/8 FC Returning from IR P, LF, CF, utility 50+ DOB 4/3/1972 Right handed pitcher. Accurate and can throw with pace. Good for couple
Zach Garcia: 9/9 FC OF, Middle INF 330-690-1076 28+ DOB 3/17/1995
Cameron Wright: 9/9 FC, WS Jacksonville C, INF, P 912-464-0684 18+, 25+ DOB 10/20/1998
William Kuznkowski: 9/9 FC, LO, WS, DC, HC MSBL P, C, 3B, 1B, DH 760-217-1764 18+, 25+, 35+ DOB 8/25/1987
Matthew Davis: 9/9 FC Ohio OF, 2B, C 330-730-6686 25+ DOB 11/1/1987
Steven Ortega: 9/9 FC Former Connecticut OF, 1B 203-243-6411 55+ DOB 6/7/1960 Have been playing in NEBA 40+ in CT for the last few years
Junior Bautista: 9/9 WS, Delaware Mi2 OF, RHP, 2B 302-286-8298 25+ DOB 11/19/1994
Bryan Cioffoletti: 9/11 FC, WS Cleveland C, INF 440-567-0246 25+, 28+, 35+ DOB 5/5/1988 Current catcher, college infield, been player 15 years in MSBL and GCAB for 25s and 35s leagues
Dalys Meza: 9/11 FC, WS Florida P 414-351-8547 65+ DOB 2/5/1955 I HAVE PARTICIPATED IN THE YEARS 2010 TO 2018
Rich Crispo: 9/12 WS INF 425-765-1894 75+ DOB 8/21/1946 10/29-11/04: Have played in 20+ WS; retired 10 years ago, work out 3 days a week; single digit handicap
Charlie O'Hare: 9/13 WS Sacramento CF, 2B 530-220-3847 50+, 55+ DOB 9/8/1967 I play ALOT of Ball
Andrew Mile: 9/13 WS Colorado C, OF, 1B 970-963-0393 40+, 45+ DOB 4/24/1977 Picked it back up at 38 and hit .393 my last full season and can run and the arm feels better every year. I practice, work out, jog and am all in for the team! Could play anywhere and even throw strikes in pinch but I am a primarily a catcher
Steve Dodson: 9/13 WS Columbus LHP, OF, 1B 614-332-1882 50+ DOB 7/10/1966 Pitched and played outfield in Columbus Ohio 35+ League this summer. Also played in the Miami Valley League for 8 games in the spring
Mike Ickes: 9/13 WS South Jersey SS 610-513-7024 55+ DOB 8/1/1964
Alfredo Chavez: 9/13 WS Tucson Outfield 432-208-1249 25+, 35+ DOB 3/26/1984 Ready to play
Joseph Ontell: 9/14 WS Arizona SS, 2B, INF, OF 602-621-5806 18+, 25+ DOB 1/17/1995 ONTELLJ@GMAIL.COM Highest level played was junior college at East La City College. I mainly play middle infield shortstop or second, but I can be a utility guy and play any position. Last played in 2017 in a men's league in Southern California called SCABL in the upperdivision. I led my team in hitting with a 500 batting average and a home run in 30 at bats and made league allstars as a second baseman. I'm a two way player standing 5'10 205 lbs, I can also run the bases pretty well. I have been active in the gym and I am in game shape. I am a solid teammate on and off the field and would love to join your club!
Ignacio Lara: 9/14 FC Houston C, OF, 3B 281-935-0106 55+, 60+ DOB 7/23/1963 Looking to play in 55+, 60+ or both
David Martin: 9/14 WS NCMSBL P, C, INF, OF 442-866-9732 55+ DOB 9/28/1968
Joe Bottorff: 9/15 WS Detroit P, C, 3B, OF 734-564-6264 50+ DOB 1/28/1965 Playing in 55+ with my Detroit team, looking to catch on to a 50+ team
Scott Eggen: 9/15 WS Father/Son Arizona OF 602-740-2424 Father/Son DOB 9/13/1967 Looking to play Father/Son with my son Jake. We should probably play Zona or Cactus division
Jake Eggen: 9/15 WS Father/Son Arizona OF, 2B, C 602-859-8242 Father/Son DOB 6/15/2002 Play with dad, Scott Eggen
Gary Kane: 9/16 FC New Orleans past commissioner C, INF 504-329-0293 60+, 70+ DOB 10/19/1950 I am playing in Arizona, and I would really like to play in the Fall Classic
Marco Gutteriez: 9/16 WS Las Vegas 1B, 3B, 2B, C 702-427-2295 50+, 55+ DOB 12/8/1964
Scott Telfer: 9/18 WS Australia (Winter ball) P, Utility 40+ DOB 4/3/1977 Ex junior national and Australian Baseball League player
Jeff Huse: 9/18 FC DCMSBL 1B 703-626-1535 50+, 55+ DOB 7/12/1966
Steven and Jon Hoot: 9/18 WS Father/Son SBMABL See comments Steve 25, Jon 61 Steven (CF, SS, SB) Jon (2b, 3b) Father Son package deal looking for a team. Champions of SBMABL. Thank you
Mike Appleby: 9/18 WS Portland 1B, C, OF 240-470-3639 40+ DOB 10/11/1982 Played last tournament in the 25+ division
Stephen Peck: 9/18 WS SoCal INF 310-357-1035 40+ DOB 12/10/1978
Fred Capobianco: 9/18 FC Long Island 1B, INF, OF 516-978-1869 50+, 55+ DOB 5/31/1961 primary position right side of field 1B, 2nd Base
Jake Mangett: 9/18 FC MSBL P 810-513-8618 40+ DOB August 1977 From Michigan
John Brandhagen: 9/18 WS Puget Sound P, CF, RF, LF 206-335-2277 50+ DOB 12/4/1969 Looking to help with pitching and can leadoff and steal or bat wherever is needed
AUSSIES NEED YOU!: 9/19 WS 73+ division Australia Baseball League Mal Sporne, manager 614-194-2227 73+ division players Hi, the Aussie Aces 73+team is in need of a couple of players 73+ players in Oz are rare and this trip 4 have dropped out for various health reason If you can make it and want to have a fun Series please let me know or please ask your mates if they may be interested. Aussie Aussie Aussie Mal
Robert Lafferty: 9/20 WS 1B 602-399-0555 18+ DOB 9/7/1989 Can play first and dh. Throwing might be an issue but I can work through it
Kyle Young: 9/20 WS Arizona SS, 2B, OF 480-662-1106 35+ DOB 1/6/1983
Al Delgado: 9/20 WS Orange County P, C 70+ DOB 3/11/1945 Could also play infield
Will Forbes: 9/21 WS Tucson RF 520-730-5936 25+ DOB 10/15/1961 Hit .270 in reg season
Nick Autorina: 9/21 WS, SC, CC Atlanta 3B, LF, CF 678-467-1425 50+, 55+ DOB 4/8/1965
Carlo Russo: 9/21 CC, FC Detroit 2B, SS, 3B, OF 586-292-6884 18+, 25+, 28+ DOB 9/28/1994 28 year old looking to play in the Caribbean Classic. 0.450 average last summer season. Can play infield or outfield
Rodrigo Driscoll: 9/21 Okla. Sooners need WS players Dallas NEED PLAYERS! 405-476-6343 70+ Division The Oklahoma Sooners is looking for a couple of 70+ players to help in the World series at Phoenix October 15th, to October 22nd of this year. The sooners is a competitive team, and play to win, not, just to have fun. If you're interested, please e-mail me, call me, or text me
Joseph Short: 9/22 WS Arizona P, INF, OFall but C 480-209-0417 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+ DOB 4/26/1969
Paul Codiga: 9/22 WS San Jose P, 1B 408-709-6191 60+ DOB 11/12/1963 been down to WS about 20 times in my 32 years of playing sjmsbl lefty
Steven Quiroz: 9/24 FC Long Island P, INF, DH 516-510-7736 35+, 45+ DOB 8/3/1975 Ace type, can hit anywhere in the order, decent speed
Joshua Ramirez: 9/24 FC Miami CF, RF, LF, 3B, SS, 2B 305-482-1009 18+ DOB 7/28/2001 willing to go back into baseball after high school graduated 2020, i have played 18 years, i am 22 years oldand would like to take this opportunity to play onto college baseball scouted/recruited
Kevin Saunderson: 9/24 WS Father/Son Detroit OF, P, 1B 248-946-9265 Father/Son KEVINMAURICESAUNDERSON@GMAIL.COM Looking for a team to hook up with Father RF / Son 25 play the little college ball finished last year main position outfield first base Pitches of little
JJ Wyble: 9/24 WS Arizona 2B, SS 602-312-2806 25+, 35+, 40+ DOB 12/5/1981
Gary Fritts: 9/24 FC Detroit LHP, OF, 1B 734-320-7029 35+, 45+ DOB 8/1976 Looking to play in the fall classic, give me a call
Jeffrey Cleveland: 9/24 WS Arizona C, 1B, 3B, RF, LF 818-620-8327 35+ DOB 4/21/1987
Frank Caliendo: 9/24 LO Wisconsin Rock 2B, P 414-795-5653 70+, 73+, 75+ DOB 10/3/1942 Playing 75 in Arizona World Series. Good shape and can run
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