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Listed below are players looking for any national tournament teams.

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(Updated 2:30 PM, MST, May 10, 2021)

NameTournament CodeLeaguePosition(s)PhoneAge Division(s)Email Address
Reilly GebhardsTampa
Amani SmithLos AngelesLA MSBLC, 1B,
Joey KrasnoselskyAny in SoutheastBig
Brandon OwensCollege Summer BallContra Costa College1B,
David Dakin: 2/29BHSDABLP, INF858-722-454740+, 45+,
Humberto Garcia: 3/28WC, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO,
Trevor Jamme: 3/28WC, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCInland NWCF, C, SS, 3B, LF, RF, 2B, 1B509-723-642618+,
Alex Kakutani: 3/28BHSo Cal2B, 3B,
Bradley Benjamin: 4/3BHPuget
Noah Garcia: 4/6WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCCF, 2B, SS, 3B,
Lucas Cook: 4/13Atlanta AreaC, SS, 3B,
Edward Warren: 4/15LOQuebecLHP,
Raymond Quinteros: 4/20LOLos AngelesP, SS,
Trevor Jamme: 4/27WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCInland NWCF, C, SS, 3B, LF, RF, 2B, 1B509-723-642618+,
Detrek Terrell: 5/1WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCSan Antonio2B, SS,
Mike Shenk: 5/1WS, HC, FC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCPuget SoundP, 1B,
Isaac Vargas: 5/2BH,
Sixto Linares: 5/2AS, FC, HE, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCChicago
Fernando Rivera: 5/7Alabama2B, 3B, SS, C,
John Olivieri: 5/11FC HC DC KC LO BH CC1B,
Charlie Lee: 5/18Seattle AreaPuget Sound1B,
Russell Bruno: 5/18WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCOrlando2B, OF,
Isaac Vargas: 5/18BH, DC, CC, WSSS, 2B, 1B,
DJ Markuson: 5/22WSMSBL/MTBAP,
Dennis Parson: 5/26WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CC1B,
Steve Simmons: 5/26LO, WSDetroitP, INF,
Jamen Tetu: 6/4WS, FC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCLas VegasC, P, 2B, SS,
Billy Horne: 6/19Middle Georgia1B, P,
John Sciarretta: 6/23WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCNew CanaanP, INF, OF,
Jeremy Clubb: 7/13LOSt. LouisP,
Kasey Tucker: 7/16WSOF,
Paul Stavola: 7/17WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH,
Elijah Mingo: 7/22WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH,
Solomon Bayuk: 7/27WS, BHDelaware2B, SS, 3B,
Tate Harpster: 7/27WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCShreveportP, 1B,
Emilio Benavidez: 7/29BHLos AngelesOF, 3B, 2B909-586-468518+,
Ryan Gensert: 7/31WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCSBMABL3B, 2B, SS, OF818-667-284118+,
Mark Knarr: 8/3WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCSt. LouisSS, 3B,
Montana Smyser: 8/3WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH,
Richard Parker: 8/3WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCAtlantaPlay
Solomon Bayuk: 8/7BHDelco2B, SS,
Stephen Bonnain: 8/7WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCHoustonP, 3B, C, Utility713-298-185630+,
Randy Habeeb: 8/10BHC,
Nelson Linares: 8/12WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCAll786-716-392745+nl1903@hotmail.COM
Brian Smith: 8/17WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCLos Angeles area1B424-222-026840+, 45+,
Raymond Quinteros: 8/18BHP, SS,
Zvi Dubitzky: 8/21WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCConnecticut, Hudson ValleyOF, INF,
Joe Vasco: 8/21WS, FC, HC, LO, BH, CCRedwood Empire2B, SS, OF707-293-505135+ National
Francisco Jara: 9/1Atlanta AreaVenezuelaP, C,
Zoran Smaic: 9/9WSAustinLHP, 1B, OF817-776-700045+,
Jeffrey Block: 9/9CCDetroitC, P586-549-370045+, 50+,
Danny Tangen: 9/10LOLos AngelesP, SS,
Ted Hynes: 9/14LOC,
James Cromis: 9/14LOSan Luis ObispoOF, P,
Michael Hoadley: 9/22WS,FC,HC,DC,KC,LO,BH,CCBostonP, 1B, 2B, 3B, OF, SS508-360-693640+, 45+,
Philip Gold Azour: 9/23WS, KC, LONew YorkOF, INF, 1B, P917-721-473618+,
Nathan McCain: 9/28FC,HC,DC,KC, LO,CC,BH, WSIndianapolisOF, INF317-840-989325+,
Austin Green: 9/29WS,FC,HC,DC,KC,LO,BH,CCSo CalSS, 3B, P,
DAnthony Rice: 9/30WS,FC,HC,DC,KC,LO,BH,CCOF,
Luis Saldana: 10/1LO, BHOF, INF,
David Velasco: 10/4DCSo CalC, 1B, 2B, OF323-695-979440+,
Michael Ponce: 10/7LO, DCOF,
James Besemer: 10/7WS,FC,HC,DC,KC,LO,BH,CCSan Luis ObispoOF, Relief P, 1B, SS, C805-801-421518+, 25+,
Mike Janos: 10/9WS,FC,HC,DC,KC,LO,BH,CCP, CF, INF440-915-130018+, 25+,
George Vasquez: 10/9LONor CalP,
Casey Clements: 10/11LO1B,
Anthony Campofredano: 10/12WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCP, 1B,
Dell Moore, II: 10/15LOGrand
Matt Everhart: 10/16HC, DC, LO, BH, WSCentral N. CarolinaP, 3B,
Anthony Barletta: 10/20Anything in Jan/
John Patton: 10/20HC, KC, LO, BH, CCColumbusCF, SS, LHP614-843-467635+, 45+,
Rafael Rodriguez, Jr: 10/22WS,FC,HC,DC,KC,LO,BH,CCAUBLC, 1B, 3B, LF28+,
Austin Medford: 10/23WS FC HC DC KC LO BH CCAtlantaC, P, SS, CF, 2B, RF, 3B,
Justin Saloman: 10/24WS,FC,HC,DC,KC,LO,BH,CC2B,
David McConnell: 10/29DC, WS, NY or New EnglandRhode IslandLHP508-740-673325+,
Elijah Gray: 10/31Tampa areaLF,
Carlos Gonzalez: 11/4WS,FC,HC,DC,LO,BH,CCLos
Gabriel Baez: 11/4WS,HC,DC,KC,LO,BHSan Fernando Valley3B, P818-462-308535+,
John Schaller: 11/12LO, WSDCMSBLP,
Brian Protesto: 11/13WC, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCCollegeC, P, Utility610-677-977021 years
David Frost: 11/17LO2B, 1B, C,
Pat McKenna: 11/25WSNew England2B,
Charles Wildes: 11/30Atlanta-Mem. Day, Richmond-Labor DayCentral
Clancy Evans: 11/30LOCN MSBLP, 1B, SS,
Ryan Gensert: 11/30WS,FC,HC,DC,KC,LO,BHSanta Barbara3B, SS, 2B, OF818-667-284118+,
Martin Guerrero: 12/3LOOld Timers2B, P,
Thomas Jensen: 12/3WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCOF, 3B,
Ross Dow: 12/7WS1B, C512-567-604818+,
Keith Brydon: 12/8LO, BHLas VegasOF, 1B, 3B,
Cody Detlor: 12/
Aaron Steward: 12/14WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH,
Stephen Correa, Jr: 12/14WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BHChicagoAll but pitcher18+,
Philip Gold Azour: 12/15LONew YorkOF, 1B, 2B, 3B, P917-721-473618+, 25+,
Jim Brake: 12/
Billy Schoengarth: 12/21WC, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CC3B, P720-315-865335+ to
Roman Zapotny: 12/24WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCDetroitOF,
Juan Cruz: 12/24WS, FCPuerto
David Frost: 12/24LOC, 1B, 2B, OF954-649-876250+, 55+,
Kevin Lammerding: 12/30WS35+1B, P, C,
Kenneth Conlin: 1/
Sean Foley: 1/6WSBostonOF/
Brian Foley: 1/6WS Father/SonBostonP, 3B,
Declan Foley: 1/6WS Father/SonBostonOF, 2B,
Paije Dabbs: 1/6LO1B, 3B,
Andrew Martinez: 1/13WS1B, 3B, C, P347-564-719530+,
Mark Meyers: 1/14WS, LO, BH, DCSo CalC714-318-233235+, 40+, 45+,
Elliot Smith: 1/14LORedwood Empire2B, 3B,
Dave Lezotte: 1/15FC1B, 3B, All except
David Velasco: 1/15LO, WSSan Gabriel Valley1B, 2B, OF,
Austin Forsythe: 1/18WC, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCCentral Ohio2B, SS269-369-386018+,
Andrew Hollern: 1/18BH, WSDenverP, SS, 2B303-505-014025+ARHOLLERN@GMAIL.COM
Andrew Trotter: 1/18WSCF, 2B,
Carlos Figueroa: 1/18WSDCMSBLSS, 2B,
Gene Spear: 1/18Maryland/Delaware Area3B, 2B, P,
Aharon Eggleston: 1/26WS, DC, KC, LO,
Keith D: 1/26WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCAtlanta3B, OF404-719-223025+,
Cody McKee: 1/26WSPortlandLF, RF509-212-182618+, 25+, 35+,
David Zwicker: 1/2650+REBLCF, LF,
Julian Vigay: 1/27WS LO HC FCMSBLCF, LF,
Fernando Oscoy-segura: 1/29Seattle areaKing CountyP, OF,
Terry Wilson: 1/29WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCNone-previously Madison, WIP, 2B, 3B, SS,
Tim Terreault: 1/29WS, Pikes Peak (CO), Richmond, VARhode IslandP, 1B, 3B,
Greg Salecker: 2/1LOMSBLP, C, 1B630-915-769930+, 40+,
Remigio Olivo: 2/1WSSan AntonioUtility405-476-634360+,
Cameron Plank: 2/1WS, KC, FC, SC, CC, Pikes Peak ClassicBostonC, 1B, 3B, OF508-868-595718+,
Russ Witte: 2/1WS, LO, AZ, CA, NV, RegionalArizonaINF, OF, P35+, 45+,
Mike Moore: 2/5LOClearwaterOF917-494-133218+,
George Kournianos: 2/8LO2B,
Tim Schneider: 2/8WS, DCLas VegasOF702-332-414655+,
Ed Rogers: 2/15WS, FCCDMSBLP, INF, OF518-495-855560+,
Brian Small: 2/15LOLABL1B, 3B, OF714-296-850135+, 45+BRISMALL22@GMAIL.COM
Dan Schulman: 2/15FC1B,
Bobby Lawson: 2/15LOPortlandP, SS, CF, C415-845-776525+,
Darwin Hernandez: 2/17WSDH617-733-242040+,
Scott Goodman: 2/17Any on West CoastCentral Coast MSBLOF,
Matthew Gray: 2/17WS, FC, LO, KC, HC, DC, SCSS, 2B, 3B, P, CF330-716-895225+, 30+, 40+,
Mike Dreyfus: 2/22WSCNMSBL1B, 2B, 3B,
Tim Otken: 2/23WSCentral IllinoisC, P, 3B,
Chase Willis: 2/23North Carolina area3B, SS, C,
Duncan Thomas: 2/24WSWillamette Valley (OR)2B, 1B, OF571-635-901450+, 55+,
Garrin Jackson: 2/24WS,FC,KC,HC,DC,LO,SC,CCKansas CityP, 3B,
Travis Eberly: 2/25WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCP, SS,
Ronald Pitko: 2/26WSNew
Rodney Lambert: 2/26WS, FC, SCChicagoOF, 1B, DH708-895-363145+, 50+,
Spencer Greenberg: 2/27Buffalo league for
Remigio Olivo: 2/28WSSan AntonioUtility830-319-595960+,
Edward Ortiz: 2/28FCChicago North2B, 3B, SS, P, OF219-628-133260+,
Ernest 'Doc' Rubio: 2/28LOSan Diego3B, P, C760-964-979060+,
Jose Jimenez: 2/28WSSavannahLF, C, P912-656-897725+, 35+,
Aaron Saleapaga: 2/28WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, LO, SC, CC, BHSS, 2B,
Jasper Burress: 3/1WS, FC, KC, HC,DC,LO,SC,CC,BHMABL3B, 2B, C,
Bruce Halliburton: 3/1FCAtlanta1B, 2B, 3B, SS404-374-620945+BRUCEJHALLIBURTON@GMAIL.COM
Ken Glanville: 3/3LONorth CarolinaSS, 3B, OF919-909-990245+, 50+,
Brian Small: 3/3LO, BHLos Angeles1B, 3B, OF, C (PT)714-296-850135+, 40+,
Tony Rizzatto: 3/4San Diego Memorial
Adrian Camacho: 3/6LOLas VegasP, OF702-787-638518+,
Joey Covey: 3/
Al Delgado: 3/8BHOCABAC, P949-494-046860+,
Vance Kanell: 3/
JP Hamel: 3/8WSNJABLC,
Paul Bilger: 3/10LOSan DiegoOF, C657-351-917765+,
Henry Cassmeyer: 3/10WSKansas CityP, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF,
Kevin Kagel: 3/10Orlando AreaRowan UniversityOF, P, C, SS, 2B,
James Peacock: 3/10WSSacramentoC, 1B, OF, 3B408-718-465650+,
Donell Washington: 3/10LOLas Vegas2B,
Rankin Lyman: 3/10LO60+P,
John Glowka: 3/11WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCOF,
Steve Bartuseck: 3/12WS, FCOhioP, 3B, 1B, INF, OF330-481-679335+, 45+, 55+,
Jacob Rockey: 3/12Seattle areaPuget SoundAll except C and
Marquise McBurse: 3/15FCCF,
Rick Steadman: 3/15WSSan DiegoC, 2B,
Ian McNeill: 3/16WS, FC, BHCentral NC2B, C,
Bryan Acosta-Cornejo: 3/18DC, LO, SC, CCSouth BayOF,
Ramon de Leon: 3/19WSMemphisC, 1B, RF, CF,
Hector Najar: 3/19WSTucsonOF, 3B, 2B (utility)
Alexis Romero: 3/
Denae Benites: 3/19LOTeam USAC, INF,
Joseph Courten: 3/19Long Island area1B, 3B631-912-709718+,
Sean Wozniak: 3/22Colorado TournamentsMABLC, P, SS,
Jesus Calixto, Jr.: 3/22Las Vegas area tourneysMSBL for many years3B, 1B, RF, RHP702-885-466435+,
William Hubert: 3/23Cleveland areaSS, OF, P,
Eddie Cornwell: 3/23Billy Townsend: AtlantaC843-810-419460+,
Clint Romero: 3/23LOTri ValleyOF925-667-636045+,
Adrian Santana: 3/24WS, FCLas VegasP, OF INF702-787-638518+, 25+,
Fernando Pieras: 3/24FCFloridaC, 3B, P, 1B787-645-332660+,
Zachary Love: 3/25WSSan
Jason Christopher: 3/26BHAlbuquerque3B, C,
Thomas Burke: 3/26WSNew
Jeff Chen: 3/
Rico Lara: 3/26LOINF, C626-532-544540+,
Terry Gammill: 3/28San Diego Memorial DayArizonaC, 1B,
Mario Pesqueira: 3/28WSMSBLSS,
Phil Botts: 3/28FCSMMBLC, P,
Joe Delgado: 4/1WS1B, P, OF609-864-872545+,
Izzy Gonzalez: 4/1Billy Townsend: AtlantaSan AntonioSS,
Jovann Hamlin-Arana: 4/1VariousCollege nowC, IF360-790-6005Turns 19 in May
Brandon McCoy: 4/2FCSouth JerseyOF, C346-201-896518+,
Jeffrey Ramirez: 4/5Los Angeles county, Orange county, San diego countySS, 2B,
Eric Eliason: 4/5WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, LO, BHOrlandoP, RF,
Curtis Dancy: 4/5LOShreveportP, 1B318-650-011060+,
Isaiah Woods: 4/6WSSan DiegoSS, 2B, P,
Bryan Deshayes: 4/6LO, HoustonNew MexicoP, 1B,
Ethan Clark: 4/6WS,FC,KC,HC,DC,LO,SC,BHSS, P,
Tim Terreault: 4/8WS, Pike's Peak (CO)Rhode IslandP, OF, 1B508-212-769148+,
Zachary Yancey: 4/8WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH,
Matthew Dunn: 4/9LOMid-IowaUtility515-554-289618+,
Jon Green: 4/9Billy Townsend: AtlantaSouthern Senior LeagueC,
Andy Goodson: 4/9WS Father/SonDCMSBLP, OF, 1B703-568-8582Father/
Robert Poole: 4/12Houston Hardball ClassicNorth
Pedro Figueroa: 4/12WSPuerto RicoOF, P, C,
James Fleming: 4/12WSPuget Sound3B, C, P,
Dylan Wisneski: 4/12WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCAlbuquerqueLHP,
Cody Neal: 4/12WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCP,
George Robins: 4/13FCCF, SS, 2B,
Norm and Andrew Gabriel: 4/13WS Father/SonColumbusP, INF740-602-1976Father/
Humberto Blanco: 4/13WSNashvilleINF, RF, P615-556-189535+,
Jake Scheffler: 4/14LOLas VegasP,
Jose Blanco: 4/14WS, FCNashvilleINF, C, P615-556-189535+,
Michael Lewis: 4/14WS or anyMetro TulsaC, 3B, 2B, P18+ (24 years old)
Wells Chase: 4/19WS, FCSS, P,
Ryan Smith: 4/19WS, HC, FC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCSavannahSS, C,
Jessie Cortes: 4/19WS, HC, FC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CC2B, SS,
Brady Riesgraf: 4/20WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CC2B, SS,
Bill Wertz: 4/21WS3B,
Nathan Whitney: 4/22WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH, CCBroward2B, SS, 3B, CF,
David Cameron: 4/22FCSouth CarolinaC, 2B,
Taylor Shenk: 4/26WS FC KC HC DC LO SC CC BHSoCal/Las VegasP,
Alex Kakutani: 4/26LOSoCalSS, 2B,
Cody Knutson: 4/26WSWisconsinLF, P608-606-461025+,
Jesse Wiles: 4/27BH1B, 3B,
Alejandro Fernandez: 4/27WSUniversity1B, OF623-313-103218+, 25+,
Steve Lewis: 4/27WSMiddlesexOF,
Guillermo Jose Mercano Viloria: 4/27FCVenezuela1B042-484-269545+,
Van Walls: 4/29WS1B, RF,
Bryan Acosta-Cornejo: 4/29LOLos AngelesOF, 1B, 2B323-382-8479 (please text first)
Zach Love: 4/30WS, FC, DC, KC, HC, LO, SC, BC, CCSan AntonioUtility,
Nathaniel Snyder: 4/30FCClearwaterOF,
Pedro Rivera: 4/30LOHouston1B,
Raymond Stuto: 5/3WS, FC, HC, DC, KC, LO, BH,
Gerry Baczkowski: 5/3FCCNCMSBLC60+ (59 hoping for exemption)
Robert Traub: 5/3FCBox-Mont (PA)1B, LHP610-999-568145+,
Johnny Flores: 5/3LOTucson3B, SS,
Zemeron Vance: 5/4WSRed
Mark Reichardt: 5/4WS, FCBux-MontOF, 2B610-413-326955+,
Arnie Thrower: 5/4LOWoodlandSS, 2B, 3B, 1B,
Abel Vizcarrondo: 5/4WS, FCPuerto RicoOF, 1B,
Alberto Mendez: 5/6BHOF,
Steven Katz: 5/6WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, LO, BHArizonaLF, CF224-300-111055+,
Brandon Jacober: 5/
Timothy Warren: 5/6WS, FCMississippiC, 1B662-497-240418+,
Paul Reynolds: 5/6WS (with Charlie Hinds below)Southwest Washington3B, 1B,
Charlie Hinds: 5/5WS (with Paul Reynolds above)Southwest WashingtonP, SS, 3B, 2B,
Steven Albert: 5/7WSTri ValleySS, 2B, 3B505-870-373550+, 55+,
Brian Morris: 5/7WS Father/SonNIMBLOF, INF727-798-4134WS Father/
Francisco Rios: 5/10WS, FC, KC, HC, DC, LO, SC, CC, BHSB MABLOF, 2B, SS, 3B805-825-507018+Kkios.rioz@gmail.con
Felix Gonzalez: 5/10CC SC HC
Isaiah Morales: 5/10WSNew JerseyP,
Alvin Hollier: 5/10WSP, OF,
Keith Thrower: 5/10LOSacramentoSS, 2B, 3B, 1B, OF916-705-299235+, 40+, 45+,
Dennis Dusso: 5/10LONorth County1B, P, OF619-632-846445+ to
Scott Talley: 5/11DC, FCBay AreaSS, CF, LF, RF415-481-265350+,
Wayne Berry: 5/11WSMilwaukee RockOF, INF, C262-909-523955+,
Joshua Smith: 5/11WS FC DC LO SC BHP, OF, C, 1B,
Alexander Abbott: 5/11WS FC DC LO SC BHKansas City2B, SS, 3B, RHP, LF,
Dalton Whitaker: 5/11WS FC DC LO SC
Tzion MacArthur: 5/
Frank Castro: 5/12LOLos Angeles1B,

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