2023 Royals Achieve ‘Back to Back’ Titles in 18+ Division of New Mexico Adult Baseball League

New Mexico Adult Baseball League, 18+ Division

Royals 10, Skysox 7

‘Royals Post Back-to-Back Championships’

Submitted by Micah Martinez, Royals manager

This was my first season as coach, as our previous coach was the head of this team for many years in our league.  He passed down to me a talented and championship-quality team.

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We started off the season by picking up a few new guys to fill some holes on our team.  They were great staples, offensively, and defensively.  A lot of these newcomers played had an incredible season, which could be considered an MVP season. I would have to say this season was probably the most competitive season we’ve had in our league in the last five to ten years.

I can’t even begin to describe how impressed I was with how our team adjusted to some of the new competition, as well as overcoming some detrimental injuries. One of the most impressive things as a team is that we hit .365 as well as having an on-base percentage of .473.  Many incredible individual performances led us to our championship, and I am so proud that I was able to coach and be a part of this team!