2023 North Shore Spartans Topple Long Island Legends for 45+ Pepitone Division Title in Long Island Midweek MSBL

Long Island Midweek MSBL, 45+ Pepitone Division

North Shore Spartans 11, Long Island Legends 9

Submitted by Craig Johanson, Spartans manager

Long Island Midweek MSBL Logo

The North Shore Spartans had a thrilling playoff series against the Stony Brook Padres and Long Island Legends. The games showcased exceptional teams with a high level of competition throughout the league.

The semifinal and championship games pitted formidable teams against each other, with an impressive track record throughout the season.

From the first pitch to the final out, the North Shore Spartans and the L.I. Legends exhibited exceptional sportsmanship and talent, showcasing their dedication to the sport and determination to secure the championship title.

Ultimately, the North Shore Spartans emerged as the champions of the L.I. Midweek 45+ League. The win was a culmination of hard work and passion for the sport: a total team effort and a great group of men.

The Long Island Midweek 45+ League has again proven that age is no barrier to showcasing incredible talent and a deep passion for America’s favorite pastime.