2023 Mudville 9 Sweeps Rockies for 52+ Title in Chicago North MSBL

Chicago North MSBL, 52+ Division 

Mudville ‘9’ 6, Rockies 2 (Game two in best-of-three championship series sweep)


‘Mudville Makes It a ‘Three-Peat’

Submitted by Christopher Loy, Mudville 9 manager

The 2023 season was not easy despite our 23-2 regular season record and 27-2 overall. Mudville was hit hard by the injury gremlins. The season started with our #2 starting pitcher not being able to pitch all year with elbow issues. Then our starting first baseman was lost with a shoulder injury after game three for the entire year.

Logo of Chicago MSBL North in Black and Blue Themes

Despite the two early injuries, Mudville won their first 15 games. Then the gremlins hit us. With 10 games left, our starting left fielder was reduced to just hitting and needing a courtesy runner because of plantar fasciitis. Then, our starting catcher needed elbow surgery and was done for the year, and our backup catcher was having knee issues where he needed to drain it every two weeks.

Then our best player had an accidental collision on the base path where he ended up with a seriously bruised chest where he couldn’t pitch, catch, or play shortstop while his hitting was very limited.

So, the playoffs came rolling in and our backup catcher decided to just catch and not hit because he was our only catcher available. This actually saved our postseason, as the rest of the team rallied around one another and we were thus able to win the Championship. In doing so we completed our three-peat and picked up the nickname MUDVILLAINS!