2023 Long Island Patriots Capture 47+ Cal Ripken Division of Long Island Midweek MSBL

Long Island Midweek MSBL, 47+ Cal Ripken Division

Long Island Patriots 10, Mid Island Mets 4 (Game three in best of three series)

Submitted by Scott Signorelli, Long Island Patriots Manager

The Long Island Patriots previously won back-to-back Championships in the 52+ Ty Cobb Division. The team then moved down to the 47+ Cal Ripken Division and took it all by making it three Championships in a row.

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The Long Island Patriots had a hard-fought series against the Mid Island Mets, who had an outstanding season with a 15-1 record. They have great talent and gamesmanship.  The teams split the first two games, setting up a third ‘winner take all’ championship game.

Our pitching in the Playoffs was outstanding, led by Seth Moskowitz who started two games in the series. Sam Fischer pitched the last game of the series and showed excellent control with Seth closing it out to win it all, with relief from Steve Villanueva and Pat Mancini, with catcher Stephen Aquaviva handling the pitching staff the whole season.

Our hitters came through in the clutch getting on base coming from the top of the order with Rob Gonzalez, Seth Moskowitz, Ruben Cardona, Chuck Vorhees, Sam Fischer, Freddie Garcia, and continuing throughout the rest of the lineup.

I can’t say enough about the defense, as everyone contributed on the field, including four double plays while making outstanding plays in the series.

This team gave it their all and left it all out on the field!