2023 Cardinals Celebrate Undefeated Year in 42+ Masters Division of North Texas Amateur Baseball League

North Texas Amateur Baseball League (Dallas MSBL), 42+ Masters Division

Dallas Cardinals 5, Caddo Reds 0

Submitted by Shawn Lee, North Texas League President

In the NTABL Masters (42+) Division, formerly the Masters (45+) Division, it was the Dallas Cardinals from season start to finish. The (42+) Division that also featured the Caddo Reds, Dallas Spirits, Knights, Rattling Dodgers, and Hurricanes simply had no answer for the Cardinals offense that finished with a plus 180 run scoring differential.

The North Texas Amateur Baseball League LogoThe Cardinals cruised in the league’s double-elimination tournament, winning easily over the Rattling Dodgers in round two after a first-round bye. The second-seeded Dallas Spirits struggled against the third-seeded, Caddo Reds all season, and that trend continued as the Reds dispatched the Spirits from the winner’s bracket by a score of 5 to 4 to set up a semifinal date against the Cardinals.

The Cardinals wasted no time continuing their trend of high-octane offense, by sending the Reds into the loser’s bracket with an 11 to 1 win. The Spirits faced the Reds with an opportunity for the winner to take on the cliché, David versus Goliath championship opportunity. Once again the Reds took advantage of a poorly playing Spirits squad, winning 10 to 8 to advance to the championship game.

The Cardinals only needed one game however, as they earned a 5 to 0 win, claiming the NTABL Masters (42+) division crown with a perfect, undefeated record.

The Cardinals finished 18-0 on the season, while the Reds finished at 12-9. Congrats to the Dallas Cardinals and Manager, Kevin Fought on their perfect season, and for carrying jersey #22 all season to honor and remember a great teammate and friend, Jason Gutierrez who passed away in 2022.