2023 Bucs and Mustangs Co-Champions of John A. DeBenedictis 65+ Unthank Division

 John A. DeBenedictis Baseball League, 65+ Unthank Division

‘Bucs and Mustangs 2023 Co-Champions’

Submitted by Bob Gallo, Bucs’ manager

We only played one seven-inning game in the finals so I suggested that the Bucs be co-champs with the Mustangs in light of the fact that the playoffs were incomplete.  Everyone agreed.

We split the 65+ division into two divisions based on our records after playing the first 14 games. One of the issues is that our league has always been dominated by the same two or three teams, and guys flock to those teams for whatever reason.  The lower four teams, like the Bucs, sort of scrape along and do the best they can with the personnel that they have. So, we split the league into two divisions for the playoffs. The Bucs, along with the Mustangs, Grey Rocks, and Padres were in the lower division (Unthank), named for a longtime player who passed away.