2022 Team USA Goes ‘Back to Back’ in 25+ Summer Division of SoCal MSBL

SoCal MSBL, Summer 25+ Open Division

Team USA 15, Marlins 4

Submitted by Bill Reimbold, Team USA manager

Team USA just finished our season and remained SoCal MSBL Open Division Champions throughout 2021 and 2022. Back to Back! Our competition was tuff and really wanted to take us down.  We held strong with great pitching, very strong defense and timely hitting.  Our record over the last two seasons and winter ball is 50-5.  Think about that; that’s like an MLB team going 150-12.

We are very proud of our team’s ability and what we have accomplished.
It takes all 23 plus players over a 2-year span.  Thank you to all Team USA players.

Thank you also goes out to all our Wives, Girlfriends, Moms and Dads and our fans that support the team.  We actually have a legit fan base.  Thank you to our league president Jef Brown.  Jef runs a great league here in the premier league in Southern California.

Lastly, thanks to the MSBL for providing the platform for all this to happen.  Also, thanks to our competitors for pushing us to be the best we can be.  See you on the field!