2022 Rockies Down Brick Bombers to Win Title in Glory Days (NJ) MSBL

Glory Days MSBL

Rockies 11, Brick Bombers 7

Submitted by T.J. Ring, manager

The Rockies’ 2022 season was one filled with many ups and downs. Early in the season, we were a team loitered with injuries and a bunch of guys just playing a sport that we all loved. Never did I think that we would have ended the season in the way that we did.  But throughout the final five games of the regular season and three games of the playoffs, we became more than a team; we became a family. A family that had each other’s backs no matter what. No deficit or issue would keep us from getting what we wanted and that was to bring home the championship. 

Getting us to the championship game was one of the more difficult things that happened throughout the year. Regardless, we were able to get there via good pitching solid defense, and timely hitting. 

The championship was something else. The team became something else. The Rockies came out hungry and we were not going to accept anything else. We picked each other up and had to play solid defense, due to our Ace not having his best stuff. Our errorless defense, along with 10 runs on 11 hits, carried us to a victory. 

I would like to say this. As the manager of this team, I have never been as excited to get back out on the field next year and see what this team continues to become. (Nor have I ever heard about a player getting his manager’s face tatted on him for winning a championship!)