2022 Clearwater Rays Sweep 35+ and 45+ Spring Championships at Central Florida Amateur Baseball League

Central Florida Amateur Baseball League, Spring Regular Season

Submitted by Aaron Eberhardt, League President

The Clearwater Rays managers for both the 35+ and 45+ Championship teams are the magical duo of John Rueda and Carlos Gonzalez.

The 35+ Rays defeated the Clearwater Scorpions by a score of 17-7 while the 45+ Rays defeated the Clearwater Cardinals, 3-2.  The 45+ Rays game was a nailbiter with the score 0-0 going into the ninth.  The Cards scored two runs from an error in the top of the ninth and then the Rays came back and answered with three runs to walk it off in the bottom of the inning.

A few players on the 45+ Rays deserve some individual recognition.

Rich Lee got the complete game win for the championship game and led the team in innings and wins.

Rudy Cesario and John Rueda hit over .500 for the year.

Sean Newborn and Rudy Cesario led the team in RBIs.

Anthony Vazquez, John Rueda, and Rudy Cesario led in total hits, while Tommy Jasper led the Rays in stolen bases.