2021 Whalers go ‘Back to Back’ for 35+ Championship at Santa Barbara MABL

Santa Barbara MABL, 35+ Division

Whalers 12, Mudhouds 7

‘Blake Burgard’s Whalers team goes ‘Back to Back’

Submitted by Shawn Curt, League President 

Congratulations to the Santa Barbara WHALERS for winning the 35+ Division Championship, playing their best game at the right time to beat the undefeated MUDHOUNDS 13-7.

Led by manager Blake Burgard, the WHALERS put up runs early and hit four home runs during the game.  MVP Justin Wiley pitched a complete game, hit a bomb, and had five RBIs while holding off the powerhouse MUDHOUNDS to win back-to-back 35+ Division championships. Congrats to both teams for a successful season!

These two teams have been going at it for years. It is a classic rivalry of the best two teams in our 35+ Division, in my opinion.