2021 A2Z Sports Makes it Four in a Row in 60+ Timeless Division of Ohio MSBL

Ohio MSBL, 60+ Division

A2Z Sports 4, Munson Classics 2

Submitted by Nick Loukas, League President

This year’s championship in the Ohio MSBL 60+ Timeless Division is the fourth in a row for the A2Z Athletics.  The championship game against the Munson Classics was appropriately played in Canton, home of Thurman Munson.  It takes great players to complete such a streak at our age.

It was a total team effort in all phases of the game, including great pitching, hitting, and fielding.  We are all looking forward to 2022 and playing and hopefully winning once again.

We also want to MSBL for providing a platform for us to continue playing our great game.  See you next year!