Saratoga (NY) MSBL, 28-Over

Saratoga King’s Angels 7, Cubs 2

Left to right top row: Mike Ruggiero, John Kirkpatrick, James Stair, Matt Milligi, Sean Weil, Brian McBee, Chris Hackett, Oliver Aldrich. Bottom row left to right: Matt Sanchez, Tom Keating, Ben Cook, Justin Wilock, Rich Sutherland, Mike DeGregory. Missing: Art DeGregory, Matt O’Rouke

Submitted by Matt Milligi, Angels manager

The Angels started off in 2012 as the league’s first expansion team and the very first expansion team to win a championship. Not one teammate knew each other and just showed up to play baseball. The early years were tough only winning a couple games a season.

Brian Mcbee, Matt Sanchez and Joe St. Pierre shared managerial duties until Brian Solely took over the role in 2013. As the years progressed, we started to fill in the gaps and added talent throughout the years. I started playing for the team in 2016 for the Angels and took over the management role in 2017. 2018 we got a local sponsorship and are known since then as the Saratoga King’s Angels.

Our season record for 2019 was 22-6. Our playoff run can be summarized by excellent defense while averaging seven runs per game offensively.