Rochester MSBL

 ‘Combination of Veterans and Youngsters Paint Bright Future’

 Submitted by James Germano, Mets manager

The Rochester MSBL Mets got off to a slow start, but improved during the season to end up 9-9-1. We won the playoff semi-finals by beating the Royals 6-5 in a very well-played game. However, in the finals we came up a little short against the rival A’s, 9-5.

Our team was a combination of seasoned vets, including Ralph Koons, Dave Prong and Al Emerson, plus our core group of Sandor Bors, Rich Kolmetz, Mark Faulkner, Bob Shaffer, Joe Germano, Erick Mundorff and Vern Van Skiver.

Our youth movement of Tom Street, Julian Cotto and Eric Maldonado really complemented our vets and core players, plus they made the season a fun experience. We’re looking forward to being in the thick of the race once again in 2019!