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2018 Grand Junction Rebels Win Western Colorado MABL Title for Three in a Row

Western Colorado Men’s Adult Baseball League

Grand Junction Rebels 12, Eagle Valley Merchants 1

‘Braden Neptune Throws ‘Peas at the Knees’ for Championship Victory

2018 was the first year that the Grand Junction Adult Baseball League merged with the Western Colorado Men’s Adult Baseball League, using the latter name.  The merger allowed us to expand to an eight team league and increase the competition.  The season in a whole was a success with 14 regular season games and double elimination tournament.

In the championship game the Grand Junction Rebels faced off against the Eagle Valley Merchants, which has grown to be a friendly, yet competitive, rivalry.  Fueled by timely hits and an inside-the-park home run by Patrick Baltzell, the Rebels struck first.  Things got heated early on between the two squads but cooler heads would prevail.  A combination of early run support and excellent defensive play gave starting pitcher Braden Neptune the confidence needed to fill up the strike zone.  “Peas at the knees” they would say.

As the Rebels began getting complacent in the middle innings there were two major momentum changing plays that revitalized the team.  Defensively, shortstop Patrick O’Sullivan made a diving catch on a line drive up the middle that was complete highway robbery.  This was one of those athletic plays that leaves you saying ‘Dun-un-nun, Dun-un-nun’.  One half inning later, 57 year young Brad Neptune added his own spark.  In a league dominated by players in their 20’s and 30’s, the seasoned veteran and proclaimed “team Dad” stole second base to once again ignite the bench.  The Rebels went on to put up 12 runs and held the Merchants to 1 run in the seven inning victory.  This was the Rebels third title in the last three years.

Players that contributed to the Rebels winning season: Rylie Josie, Kyle Ferguson, Shannon Reynolds, Josh Lujan, Chris Bock, Alex Bauer, Braden Neptune, Brad Neptune, Patrick O’Sullivan, Seth Coisman, Patrick Baltzell, Timmy Satterfield, Robert Creasy, Levi Martin, Alex Martin, Kestrel Dickerson, Rudy Anderson, Adam Hesse and Russell Ickes.

Also a shout out to Jason Tibbets, the league commissioner who made it possible for us old farts to still play hardball!