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2018 Dragons Play Possum for Crown in 50+ Sunday National Division in Sacramento

Sacramento Men’s Baseball League, 50+ Sunday National

Dragons 7, Valleycats 6

‘Dragons Play Possum to Perfection’ 

Submitted by Larry Whitmer, Dragons manager

In the 50+ Sunday National Division of the Sacramento Men’s Baseball League the #3 seed Dragons squared off against the #1 seed Valleycats on 9/9 and 9/16 in a best of three championship series. The series went all three games to get things settled. The Valleycats have been a long time arch rival of the Dragons and a very formidable team managed by Tony Jackson. Every time we square off the games are very intense for three hours but both sides will get together afterwards (win or lose) and have a few beers with each other and pat each other on our backs. There is much respect between both teams.

Game one went to the Valleycats 3-2. The game was 0-0 after nine innings. The Dragons scored two in the top of the tenth but the Valleycats scored three in the bottom of the tenth to get the victory.

Game two went to the Dragons 7-4 in yet another close game from start to finish.

So after a 45 minute break the two teams had to square off one more time to get things finalized. Game three went to the Dragons 7-6 for the title.

The ironic part of the entire season was during the regular season the Dragons didn’t get a single win vs the National Division playoff teams, the Valleycats and the Buzzards. We lost all six of those games. I guess we played the possum game to perfection, while starting to fire on all eight cylinders when the playoff games started in September!