2016 Navy Braves Repeat in 45+ West Metro Atlanta Saturday League

West Metro Atlanta MSBL 45+ Saturday League

Navy Braves 14, Cardinals 8

‘Navy Braves Repeat in 45+ Saturday Division in West Metro Atlanta’

Submitted by William Allen, Navy Braves manager

The Navy Braves have been a staple within the West Metro Atlanta MSBL Saturday League since we were only one of two teams within a 35+ league at its inception (before moving to the 45+ Saturday league in 2015). I personally joined WMAMSBL and the Navy Braves in the spring of 2008 as a center fielder. Our starting pitcher for our recent championship game, Tom Gotschall, has continued as the only other player from those earlier days, as well as prior years.

I was able to move from the outfield to the mound and then took the helm as the manager for the last four years. It has been an enlightening and equally fulfilling experience as the Navy Braves have always had a fellowship like none other and it was our duty to maintain and encourage it.

Despite significant injuries from another starting pitcher, Darrell Roehl, and catcher Mike Pearson during the year, enjoying back-to-back WMAMSBL Saturday 45+ championships has been very fulfilling. We won in 2015 with a last at-bat finish and staged a stellar comeback in 2016 after being down 6-0 through the first two innings. This has been impressive to say the least.

We have great trust in each other as “common contributors” knowing that we were brought together to inspire the next ball player to selflessly challenge and compete for the whole. There are few greater joys than the brotherhood bonded with this team throughout the years!