2015 Warriors Win First Title in Chicago Central 45+

Chicago Central 45+ Division

Warriors 5, Tigers 4

‘Warriors win First MSBL Chicago Central 45+ Title’

Submitted by Jack Kotas, Warrior manager

The Warriors finished the Chicago Central MSBL season in third place with a 13-6-1 record. The Tigers AA and the Woodpeckers finished first and second respectively and everyone thought that these two teams would play for the league title. The Tigers AA and Woodpeckers combined for 33 wins and only 5 loses over the regular season.

The Warriors went undefeated in the playoffs (6-0) by combining perfect defense with an “infield shift” strategy to win the championship. The Warriors were led by manager Jack Kotas, who found a way to play all of his players in every game while placing each player in a position to succeed.

The Warriors were led all season by the outstanding pitching of Kiley O’Leary (4-0 regular season and 3-0 in the playoffs) and Glenn Luckenbill (3-1 regular season and 3-0 in the playoffs). Kiley kept demanding “the ball” with countless phones calls to manager Jack Kotas during the week while Glenn would keep proving the manager wrong as he discussed who the starter would be in game three. We never needed a game three starter because Glenn would shut the door in game two.

Everyone who put on a Warrior uniform played in every single game. Hats off to Mike Delattre for leading the Chicago Central MSBL league in RBI with 17.The Chicago Central MSBL trophy has been passed around to each Warrior player just like the Stanley Cup in hockey. The trophy made it to US Cellular the day after the Championship and pictures were taken throughout the ball park.