2015 Red Sox Upend Rays for Bay Area 21+ Championship

Bay Area MABL 21+ Division

Red Sox

‘Red Sox End Rays Hold on 21+ Title’

Submitted by Ryan O’Neil, Red Sox manager

Even though the average age for this over 21 team is almost 40 years of age, they didn’t show it against a much younger polished back-to-back champion Rays. Carried by incredible all around defense, pitching and some serious big bats, the Red Sox got the monkey off their back and won the championship. Coached by Marty McHale, former masher, the team put together a #1 seed in the playoffs and didn’t stop until they met the off season as Bay Area MABL Champions.

After coming up just a game short multiple times before, this year they would not be denied. Outstanding pitching all season by former Cy Young winner Ryan McClelland and spot starts from Brian Liberta, the battery of them throwing to the “Big Dumb Animal” Dylan Tonneson, Cal Berkeley and San Diego Padres, was tough for anyone to break out against. Not to mention that ‘BDA’ hit a bases clearing triple in the Championship game to set the tone that the Red Sox were here to make a statement against the “young punks” of the Rays. The Rays were started with former Red Sox players and both teams need to go through the other these days to take the title home.

The Red Sox top of the lineup caused massive mayhem with lead off hitter Adam Callan, who was by far the best defensive shortstop in the league, while hitting almost over .500 for the year and stealing a bazillion bases. Lek Cole hit second and also hit consistently all season. He and Callan led the league in runs scored. Ryan Hamilton also was a major contributor with his defense and bat. Brian Barden, Nick Fleury, Jamie O’Neil, Ryan O’Neil, Al Macelod, Joel Russo and the FNG from Jersey Chris “Snydpiece” Snyder played like a team all season. The Red Sox have lost seven games in three complete seasons, two by forfeit for not getting enough heads to the yard.