2015 Osprey Capture 50+ Adirondack Title With Dominate Victory in PSSBL

Puget Sound Senior Baseball League, Adirondack (55+) Division

Osprey 21, Wizards 1

‘Osprey Avenge Last Year’s Loss to the Wizards’

Submitted by Michelle Bouchard, Osprey General Manager

The Osprey have been playing in the Adirondack division of the Puget Sound Senior Baseball League for seven years. Some of us have been here from the beginning for all the ups and downs and all the highs and lows. Others joined along the way and sadly, some teammates have left us all too early. This team is a great group of people who know how lucky they are to get to play baseball at our age and know how to have fun doing it. We value every player’s contribution and are lucky to to have players able to play multiple positions as needed. I also want to mention the wonderful contributions of our field manager, Steve Nardi.

The joy of winning a championship when you’re a kid is awesome, but winning a championship in a senior baseball league is pretty damn cool too.

Last year the Osprey capped off a dominant 15-3 regular season with elimination in the playoffs, painfully losing a pair to a 7-11, middle-of-the-pack yet determined Wizard team. This year the worm turned and the 7-11 Osprey stormed through the playoffs, outscoring their opponents 63-14, including two wins over the first place Wizards. The Osprey went in with a refuse to lose attitude and played an outstanding offensive and defensive game. The offense in general put it all together with patience at the plate and solid clutch hitting, unraveling one opposing ace pitcher after another.

Pitching for the Osprey was Bruce Morrison who has been the team’s workhorse since its inception in 2008. Once again he carried us on his sturdy 72 year old shoulders, winning all four playoff games including a game-one shutout and a one run gem to clinch the title.

Here’s a list of the years each of our active players joined the team along with our won/loss totals:

2008 – Rex Lindquist, Bruce Morrison, Neal Mullen, Steve Nardi (4-11-1)

2009 – no one currently on the roster were added this year (4-12)

2010 – Albert Jennings (3-12-1)

2011 – Eric Johnson (7-8-1)

2012 – Larry Bennett, Michelle Bouchard, Nick Trytiak (3-15)

2013 – Phillip Blake, Otis Elledge (8-10)

2014 – Strohm Armstrong, Criss Christian, Rick Velasquez (15-3)

2015 – Ed Anderson, Brian Bouchard, Dave De Partee, Mike Joyce, Dan Towse (7-11)