2015 Nationals Top 716ers to Capture Buffalo MABL Crown

Buffalo (NY) MABL

Nationals 3, 716ers 1

‘Truitt and Milewski Lead the Way on the Hill’

Submitted by Tim Shantler, Nationals manager

The Buffalo MABL Champion Nationals led by manager Tim Shantler finished their playoff run on a eight game winning streak. The Nationals relied on strong pitching and defense all season posting one of the best run differentials in the league. Bob Milewski and Matt Truitt pitched every game for the Nationals including two wins the final day of the regular season in which Bob pitched all 15 innings of a double header, striking out 26 batters combined. That continued into the Championship where Bob and Matt allowed a combined three runs in two games, while the Nationals applied enough pressure to keep the lead over the three-time champion Buffalo 716ers and their manager Joe Hopkins. The 716ers have a pair of aces on their team that didn’t make things easy on the Nationals. Aaron Andzel and Chris McMullen pitched two great games.

Throughout the season every player on the team played a pivotal role helping us get to the championship, including Dan Wise, Billy Wise, Andy Wise, Joe Robison, Eddie Shantler, Matt Truitt, Kevin Zielinski, Bob Milewski, Nick Vandervoort, George Szczublewski, and Alex Korzaniewski.