2015 Indians Catch Fire and Capture 35+ Central Title in Arizona MSBL

Arizona MSBL 35+ Central Division

Indians 10, Blue Sox 6

‘Indians Overcome Fourth Seeding and Go All the Way’

Submitted by Steve Wilson, Indians manager

This was perhaps the most difficult year on many levels. We were a 6-16 team during league play and the fourth seed that limped into the playoffs. We lost some key players, we were racked with injuries all year and we had to overcome everyone’s work schedules. It was difficult to field the same 9-10 players all year.

In the playoffs we were able to put it together. We managed to get everyone healthy, the defense was strong, the pitching was outstanding and we had timely hitting. I am very proud to be part of this team.

I originally played in the SW Chicago League (Brookfield Reds) and later in the Northbrook League (Redbirds) in Chicago. I joined the MSBL in 1988 or 1989 and in “89” I traveled to Phoenix to play in the World Series. That experience first introduced me to Arizona and in 1993 I was given an opportunity to move to Arizona which I now call home. I have played ball every year since, except for one year were I decided to coach my sons in little league.

I have been part of some great teams, some championship teams, and some teams that should have been championship teams. I have been a regular at the World Series since 1993 and lost a Championship game in 1996. But I am most proud of the 2015 Indians. With the difficulties we had to overcome, it was the most rewarding for to see the Indians win this year.