2015 Giants Squeak Past Padres to Claim 40+ American Title in Sacramento

Sacramento MSBL 40+ American Division

Sacramento Giants 4, Padres 3

‘Sac Giants beat Padres 4-3 for 40+ American League Championship’

Submitted by Bob Brown, Giants manager

This was a close game, with the lead changing four times. It showcased great pitching by both Ken Jungsten of the Giants and Jeff Garrett of the Padres. The Giants defense won out in the end. Garrett allowed only four hits with winning pitcher Ken Jungsten allowing just five.

The Padres scored first, going up 1-0 in the third inning. Without much offense, the Giants managed to take the lead back in the fourth with some timely hitting and perfectly executed base running from Terry Callahan, allowing Tommy Arquijo to score on a designed first and third play.

The Padres came back to score two in the sixth to regain the lead 3-2 . The Giants put up another two runs in the bottom frame with some aggressive base running from Sean Spiva and some timely hitting from Steve Cornelius. The game ended in the bottom of the seventh with yours truly, Bob Brown, running down a shallow fly ball in the gap to preserve the win.

(photos courtesy of Jane Burkitt)