2014 Royals Sweep Astros to Claim 25+ Title in Redwood Empire (CA)

Redwood Empire MSBL 25+ Division

Royals 22, Astros 3

Submitted by Stephen Rhinehart, Royals manager

The Napa Valley Royals of the 25-over division of the Redwood Empire (CA) MSBL went 15-3-1 (one loss was due to the Napa earthquake which had to be forfeited) during the regular season and 4-0 in the playoffs, capped by a sweep of the Astros 8-2 and 22-3. The Royals rode the arms of CY Young winner Brandon Alves and Chad Albrecht, who both dominated in playoffs by allowing a combined eight total runs during the playoffs. There was also no shortage of offense as the Royals had a 42 run differential during the playoffs. Fueled by the hot bats of MVP Nick Pike and clubhouse favorite Ross Golding, the Napa Royals scored a total of 50 runs during their playoff run.

The Royals’ only struggle was fielding a complete team of nine guys every week but managed to only be left shorthanded one game this year with eight players. The Royals proved this year that quality trumps quantity any day. The Royals were true road warriors this season only playing six games on their home field in Napa and traveling for the other 13 games. Other notable contributors for the Napa Valley Royals were Tom Long, Phil Freitas, Alex Hanson, Chris Mullins, Dan Poli, Jordan Long, Athan Putnam, and manager Stephen Rhinehart.