2014 Red Braves Win Saturday 35+ Title in West Metro Atlanta

West Metro Atlanta 35+ Saturday Division

Contributed by Larry Wajsman, Braves manager

For the second consecutive year, the Red Braves won the Saturday West Metro Atlanta MSBL regular season championship….but the 2014 was significantly more special for a variety of reasons.

Being the oldest team, averaging 53 years of age playing teams substantially younger in what turned out to be a 35 year-old league proved that old farts still have skills. Have you ever seen a 67 year-old man get hits in three consecutive at-bats? Well we did, and it was incredibly inspiring!

Second, it only made sense that the lone female league member would end up on the team with the best chemistry in the entire MSBL. Sure it helped that she was better than the majority of players in the league defensively, and versatile and talented enough to play any position on the field…..including pitcher. She not only added to our depth, but was the missing piece to the perfect camaraderie puzzle.

Third, we finally witnessed a team member hit a home run, but not just one but two players. In fact, one player hit two.

Fourth, that team bond extended far beyond the baseball field. When team members moved, we pitched in and lent a hand. When team members went through a divorce, we supported him whenever the call was made. When we wanted more practice time, we’d volunteer our time to help our teammates improve. The Red Braves were a family both on and off the field.

As you’ll notice, not one single team members name was mentioned because the 2014 Red Braves were the epitome of the word team. No one member was more valuable than another. Sure there were players more talented than others, but nobody more important than another. That’s how the 2014 Red Braves will be remembered…..as selfless teammates who overcame numerous obstacles thrown our way on the most fun and exciting baseball journey ever.