2014 Rams Edge Cardinals in Twin Cities 18+

Twin Cities MABL 18+ Division

Rams 8, Eden Prarie Cardinals 5

Submitted by Joe Collier, Twin Cities Rams

“Weber strong on the mound, Vikstrom clutch bomb late give the Rams their first ever TCMABL 18+ Championship win taking home the Jon Garbacz Cup”

The Rams and the Cardinals passed the lead back and forth seven times in the big game, but in the end the Rams pulled out an 8-5 win over the Cardinals.

Nick Vikstrom racked up four RBIs on three hits for the Rams. He singled in the first inning, doubled in the fifth inning, and his biggest hit came in the eighth inning as Vikstrom hit a baseball that almost broke the sound barrier as it left the park.

Sam Weber picked up the win for the Rams. Weber pitched nine strong innings and allowed three earned runs, eight hits and two walks while striking out eight.

The top of the first saw the Cardinals take an early lead, 2-0. The Cardinals’ offense woke up as Matt Stengel singled before Michael Lewis homered.

The Rams brought home one run in the fourth inning, and matched that run total in the Fifth. In the fourth, the Rams scored on a fielder’s choice, scoring Steve Kleppen.

The Rams scored three runs in the seventh inning, and then followed it up with three more in the eighth. In the seventh, the Rams scored on a passed ball, scoring Kenny Flermoen.