2014 Dodgers Claim 18+ Title in Red Stick (Louisiana) MABL

Red Stick MABL (Louisiana) 18+

Dodgers 5, A’s 4

Submitted by Locke Wheeler, president, RSABL

The Dodgers, led my manager Bobby Morvant, defeated the A’s 5-4 on August 3rd at Pete Goldsby Field in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana to claim the 18 and over league title in the Red Stick MABL. The A’s led the game 2-1 going into the fifth inning when the Dodgers scored four runs in the bottom of the fifth on five consecutive base hits off A’s starter Nick Bumstead. The Dodgers starter, Will Rand, left in the second inning giving way to Bobby Morvant, who held the A’s scoreless through the sixth. The A’s plated three in the seventh inning off back-to-back extra base hits by three and four hole hitters, Nate Bumstead and Daniel Landry, to pull within one run before Dodgers closer Corey Thomas came in to end the threat and finish a game that ended in the bottom of the eighth inning due to rain. For the Dodgers, this is their third consecutive RSABL league title, winning the spring/summer league in 2013, as well as the fall league in 2013.