2014 Agoura Bandits Post Great Year in Los Angeles 35+ American

Los Angeles Baseball League 35+ American Federal

Submitted by Bob Sherwin, Bandits manager

The Agoura Bandits is a very successful team in the Los Angeles Baseball League 35+ American Federal Division. Our division was divided into two sub divisions with six teams each. We won the West Division with a 16 – 5 record. In our post season we won two playoff games before squaring off against the East winner, the Titans. They won the championship game 7 – 3 so while we were the Western Division champs, we were the overall runner ups.

Our team was led by pitchers Jeff Gould, Jeff Wells, Jerry Whitaker and Tom Kopp, who split the duties all year. Offensively we were led by Jerry Whitaker, who hit over .500, and infielder Mike Guise who had .450 on the year. Our team had four players over 60 years old and four over 55. Despite our age we had fun whipping all the younger players!