Zach Young Stays Engaged with Baseball and Family During Pandemic as it Impacts Des Moines, Iowa

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Zach Young lives in Des Moines, Iowa and plays in the Mid-Iowa Baseball League under the watchful eye of MSBL Hall of Fame League President John Linden.  The eight-year league veteran is ‘all in’ with the MSBL concept, as he plays for the 18-over Oaks and the 30-over Heat in the league and is also a member of the MSBL World Series seasoned Des Moines Bruins, where he proudly flashes two championship rings.

“Playing in Arizona is something that I look forward to every year,” said Zach.  “I have gone the last four years and I have been fortunate enough to play on two championship teams with the Des Moines Bruins. If the tournament is on and the Bruins send a team, I plan on going again this fall.”   


We asked Zach how he has adapted his way of life as the virus makes its way through our nation’s heartland.  “I think it has been a reminder of how we are interconnected.  Everyone in the world is facing this threat and it has brought us all together in a common experience.  I think it is providing a moment for us to put our differences aside and work together in common cause to defeat the virus.

I think for me, my takeaway will be to truly appreciate little things like greeting a friend with a handshake/hug, or playing the game of baseball that I love. I think this experience has taught me to appreciate these opportunities just a little bit more than before.”   

Zach keeps baseball in his thoughts right along with his family and staying positive.  “I have been watching highlight videos of my favorite baseball moments, re-watching Ken Burns’ Baseball and Town Ball to help keep me engaged with baseball.  Baseball has weathered a lot in its history. It is a beautiful game and I know that it will survive what we face today.  

This experience has allowed us to spend more time together with family.  We have done a lot of reading and playing games.  Now that the weather is getting nicer, we plan on finding some new outdoor locations in our area to explore.” 

Final thoughts?  “All the facilities we use for pre-season practice have been closed due to the virus.  However, I have extended my off-season training and conditioning until we can start practicing as a team again.  I do have a net set up in my garage and have been able to do some tee work. 

I want to wish my brothers in baseball all the best.  I look forward to seeing you all on the baseball field again soon!”