You’re Invited to Attend the Game On Mobile Webinar, February 23, 9:00 PM, EST

A message from Kyle Hodges, Founder & CEO, Game On Mobile

MSBL and Game On Mobile have partnered up in 2023, looking to give league directors a solution to simplify the back-end work of scheduling and communicating with players.  Game On Mobile is a one-stop shop to get all of the information for your league into one convenient place. With Game On Mobile, you can post your schedule, standings, venues, statistics, brackets, media, collect registration, and much more. With the announcements feature you can push notifications directly to your player’s phones, alerting them of rainouts or any information you would like to get out to them. The mobile app for iOS and Android gives your players very fast access to view all aspects of their league, and in one convenient place. This is just the start of how Game On Mobile can help your league step up to the plate on the technology side.

Come on out to the webinar on Feb 23 at 9 PM EST and learn all about Game On Mobile, and create your league for free to see the exciting features. Our team will be there assisting all leagues through the creation process. There is no commitment as you do not pay for the Game On Mobile service unless your league decides to go live with our platform. See the links below to get more information and see demos of Game On Mobile in action.

MSBL Jan 18 Webinar:

League/Tournament creation video:

Import schedule tutorial video: (import template attached as well)

Statkeep video: (stats part of V2 being released very shortly)

GOM YouTube help channel:

Chicago North league that was used in 2022:

MSBL World Series used in 2022:

The best way to get in touch with me as I am personally managing the MSBL account is via email Alternatively, you can call 905 246 5802. Any questions please let me know!