You Can Take Part in a Goodwill Humanitarian Baseball Tour to Nicaragua in 2019

Submitted by Hal Young, Worldwide Child Relief Foundation

Hello Fellow MSBL Ballplayers!

We have a great opportunity to make a goodwill humanitarian baseball tour to Nicaragua in late January and early February, 2019. The trip will be approximately 10 days. As many of you know, unlike the rest of Central America, baseball is the national pastime in Nicaragua. We are hoping to bring twelve ballplayers. Spouses and significant others are welcome. You can contact me for a complete itinerary. (contact information below) If you can’t make the trip, we are also seeking monetary and equipment donations to assist in our efforts. We are happy to deliver any used baseball equipment to help the children. Here are some of our goals and needs:

250 baseballs: Goal Complete

90 aluminum bats: Still need 45

75 gloves: Still need 65

75 BB cleats (rubber): Still need 68

25 Helmets: Still need 21

5 sets of catchers gear: Still need 3

Age group target is Ages 12-15

Our objectives are to do the following:

Hold baseball clinics for the youth and coaches 

-Provide used baseball equipment to kids

-Play a few exhibition games

-Create good will between the two countries

-Share our love of the game

-Enjoy some of the beautiful points of interest in Nicaragua

Our group will be representing the MSBL and the Worldwide Child Relief Foundation (WCRF). The WCRF was founded in 2005 by Hal and Denise Young. Over the last 12 years, our focus has been on helping the children in impoverished areas of Nicaragua. Our emphasis has been on Health, Educational, Business Development and other humanitarian aid to the children of the Country.

Nicaragua has a six team professional major baseball league. Some major league baseball players are from Nicaragua. At the lower levels of baseball, many kids play with homemade balls and bats. Nearly every small town has a baseball field. When coming to these towns and sharing your baseball knowledge, and giving out baseball equipment, you become an instant hero in their eyes.

Granada is a picturesque European colonial-style town that is one of the oldest on the American continent. Founded by Captain Francisco de Cordoba in 1524, the town sits near the edge of Lake Nicaragua. Granada will include: Monbocho Volcano (Cloud Forest) National Park, a boat tour of the isletas of Lake Nicaragua. For those that are more bold, you can take a zip line canopy tour.

Leon is located north of Managua. This city boasts many architectural delights. It’s crown jewel is La Cathedral de Leon which is the largest cathedral in Central America. It was constructed in 1747. Leon has won more Nicaraguan major league baseball championships than any other city in Nicaragua. Only a 15 minute drive from rustic Las Penedas Beach.

Selva Negra is a Coffee Plantation and Resort (Located in the cloud forest east of Maltigalpa, and founded by a family of Germans in the early 1900’s). High in the cloud forest, this 500 acre coffee plantation with its chalet type cottages will make you feel like you are in the mountains of German Bavaria.

San Juan del Sur is a quaint fishing village on the southern coast of Nicaragua known for its beautiful beach, stunning sunsets, and restaurants that enjoy a great view of the shoreline).

Ometepe Islands are two majestic volcanic islands are found in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. There are about nine towns located on the outer shores of the islands. They love baseball, and have they have their own Ometepe baseball association. When Mark Twain visited Ometepe over 150 years ago, this is what he had to say: “They look so isolated from the world………so tranquil, so dreamy, so steeped in slumber and eternal repose.”

 Barcelo Resort, on the beach at Montelimar, is a first class all inclusive resort that is situated on a beautiful expanse of beach. Great food, swimming pools, casino, and plenty of sports and recreational activities if desired.

(Pictured below is Hal Young passing out donated baseball equipment to the local youth coach in Telica, Nicaragua)

The cost for the trip should be around $1600 per person (double occupancy) based on current airfares. We will need to collect a $800 deposit by September 25th of this year. We will travel in 30 passenger air conditioned bus. Our accommodations will include breakfast and dinner daily, and clean lodging that has air conditioning and hot water. The cost of the trip includes all of the above plus airfare, all ground transportation, and excursions. All participants are asked to bring one personal suitcase, and one extra suitcase or duffel bag with baseball equipment. Assignments for what equipment to bring will be given out before the trip. Myself and my native Nicaraguan assistant, Alejandro Rocha will be your guides for the entire trip.

Approximately one half of the cost of your trip should be tax deductible, because part of the trip cost will be considered a donation to the Worldwide Child Relief Foundation. Some of the funds from the cost of the trip will be used for programs to help the impoverished village of La Calle Real, where WCRF has built a community center. The Worldwide Child Relief Foundation (WCRF) is an IRS qualified 501(c) non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

If you’re interested in joining us, please contact me at 530.903.5153 or Dennis Smith at 916 712 5155 for more information. We’d love to have you join us on this charitable and fun trip. Your generous help is appreciated by the Worldwide Child Relief Foundation and the youth of Nicaragua. I am also happy to send you a more detailed fund raising letter. If you wish to send any equipment for the children please send it to me at:

Hal Young

521 Dizmar Ct, Cameron Park, CA 95682


Hal Young

P.S. If your time is limited, the total time of the trip can be modified.

530 903 5153