World Class Artist and MSBL Veteran Vernon Wells Completes his Most Recent Project

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Vernon Wells has been a fixture on baseball diamonds in Texas and has also been an MSBL World Series star for decades while playing in the upper divisions.  His 36 World Series Championship Rings speak volumes about his talent between the lines.

The other side of the ledger that you may not be aware of is that Vernon is also a world-class artist and specializes in sports paintings.  We have done articles in the past outlining Vernon’s talent.  HERE is the link to an article we completed in March of 2020.

We come to you now because Vernon just completed a new project involving long-time MSBL player Dan Coleman, who plays in the Houston Hardball League and also plays annually at the MSBL World Series for the powerhouse and multi-champion San Antonio Lonestars.

Many MSBL players have contracted Vernon to perform his magic for them, as well as many professional athletes.  Vernon didn’t contact me solely to promote his business.  I have seen many of his works and think they are magnificent.  As a friend, he just wanted me to see his latest completed project.

Vernon suffered a stroke a couple of years ago but said he is on the road to full recovery and looks to be back in Arizona this year to seek ring number 37.

Having said all of that, if you wish to see more of his incredible work or need to contact him about a personal request, visit his website at