By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Editor’s note: Tom Maney was inducted into the MSBL National Hall of Fame in 2016. With apologies to Tom and his family we weren’t able to hook up until now for a feature story and want to share his induction with the MSBL world as well as insert his deserving story into the 2016 Hall of Fame page on the website for all to share in the years ahead. Please enjoy this special journey about this very special person.

Tom Maney is a fixture in the Capital District MSBL and a regular at the MSBL World Series every fall in Arizona as a member of the Inland Angels. Tom is now in his early 60’s, retired from General Electric and living near Albany, New York. Tom began his MSBL career back in 1992 so for his continued participation in MSBL leagues and tournaments and his dedication to the wonderful Capital District MSBL, MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler has inducted Tom into the MSBL National Hall of Fame.

John Reel, president of the Capital District MSBL added, “Tom started in the league in1992 and played on the White Sox, a team he eventually managed to a championship. He then joined an eventual powerhouse 30+ “Cubs” franchise where he was the centerpiece of many championships. Tom is always an all-league choice and was inducted into our Hall of Fame in 2008. He has been a winner everywhere he has played.”

Tom elaborated on how he became involved in the MSBL World Series. “I got a call from my old friend Teddy Poleto back in 1997 and he suggested I come to Arizona to play in the World Series with his California team. I went and had the time of my life. We won in 97 and 98 and I was hooked. I met people I will call friends for the rest of my life and still play with some of them in the 60+ division.”

Maney continued, “Ted and I have been playing ball together since we were 10 years old and his dad coached us in Little League. It’s hard to fathom that I am still playing baseball with my best friend 50 years later.”

Tom has been married to his bride Beth for the past 36 years. She is his biggest fan and supporter and made it to Arizona with Ted for the first time in 2016. “She babysat more times than I can remember so that I could go out and play ball. She is a huge part of my baseball life.”

Tom took the usual path of high school ball and then into a collegiate league where he played until he was 40, where he played in MSBL simultaneously. “My slate was full but I loved it. I played against Jim Bouton in the collegiate league. There are many special memories from those days.”

“I’ve been a member of MSBL since 1992, where I first meet CDMSBL league president John Reel. John has done so much for so many of us here in Albany and has grown the Capital District chapter of MSBL to some 40 teams in four different age groups. I’ve had the privilege of calling John a friend and a teammate over the years, and I’m humbled that he nominated me for this incredible honor.”

John Reel summed up what Tom means to everyone. “Our generation is blessed to be playing sports past our youth, often at the expense of numerous surgeries. Tom may lead the league in that category. He learned to throw left handed after the doctor declared no more surgeries on his throwing shoulder. How many people would go through that at his age? That shows you the kind of competitor and more importantly the type of person Tom is.”