Three Generations Take the Field at Sacramento Father/Son Tourney

Submitted by Rick Cantor, League President, Redwood Empire Baseball League

The annual Father’s Day Father/Son Tournament is hosted by the Sacramento MSBL and they have been doing it for many years now.  I have taken teams there in prior years and have played with my father-in-law, David Charp, but this is the first year we got to include my son, Zeejay.  It was an incredible experience being able to share the dugout with Zeejay and David! 

Zeejay is 15, I am 57, and David is 77.  Just the span of those years is mind-boggling.  We had a team of fellow Redwood Empire players and to a man, they all had a great time.  For our family, our first game on Friday night was really special as the whole family was there, including David’s wife, my mother-in-law Gail, my wife Kimberly, her two brothers Adam and Erik, and their families.  It was a windy cold Friday night in Sacramento, and all the family members were bundled up and braved the elements to watch the three of us play together.

On this night, I was behind the plate, which is something I don’t usually do, but we thought it would be special if I caught both David and Zeejay in the same game!  The family loved it, and for us three players, it was just a wonderful experience.  We lost the game, but it didn’t matter.  We played two more games on Saturday and split those games to go 1-2 for the tourney, but the actual games were secondary to the incredible experience we had.  It is something I’ll never forget!