The Baseball Fan’s Guide to Surviving the Lockdown

Submitted by Jennifer Davies, special to MSBL

Ninety-nine percent of sporting events have been postponed or cancelled as half of the world is currently on lockdown to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus. And while athletes, scouts and prospects are worried about the impact of this pandemic on future games, sports fans are left with no choice but to wait until the health crisis is over so they can get back to cheering for their favorite teams and players. Being an avid baseball fan can be a struggle during the off season, and right now, it’s even more challenging, as the future seems uncertain while we battle this virus. Thankfully, there are ways to cope with these trying times, even while you’re staying at home. Here is the baseball fan’s guide to surviving the Covid-19 lockdown.

Do at-home baseball exercises…In times like this, people should make every effort to stay physically and mentally healthy, which is why doing exercises at home is highly recommended while on lockdown. If you have home gym equipment, spend at least 30 minutes doing cardio and bodyweight exercises, and remember to clean your equipment before and after workouts to prevent the spread of bacteria. You should also disinfect your exercise equipment with a disinfectant spray or wipes, especially if you’re sharing it with family members or a roommate, as disinfection can eliminate viruses that can make you sick.

For those who don’t have gym equipment at home, try doing some at-home baseball exercises. You can do push-ups and other bodyweight exercises to increase endurance and gain muscle mass; then do squats and planks to get your entire body in shape. You can also follow along with a workout routine on YouTube. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to work out every day to boost your resistance and to stay healthy during the lockdown.

Relive classic games…The MLB recently started airing classic games on social media apps in a bid to keep baseball fans entertained during the lockdown. Now you can go on the MLB’s official YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts to watch past games every night at 7pm EST. Recent episodes that already aired include Jeter’s final game and Bote’s walk-off slam. Watching past games will allow you to relive the best moments in baseball without having to leave your couch.

Get crafty…Baseball fans who are parents to young children will benefit from crafting items inspired by their favorite sport. You can make fabric or paper dolls of your favorite players, or make a miniature baseball diamond field. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can make a baseball jersey for your child, or better yet, make matching jerseys for the whole family. Doing crafts like these allows you to celebrate your love for the game while spending some quality time with your loved ones.

Being cooped up indoors may be difficult, but there are many ways to deal with boredom and loneliness while waiting for things to get better again. Try these activities to keep busy and healthy during the lockdown, and keep supporting the game while staying at home.