Take Advantage of the MSBL National Tournament Player Pool

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

The Men’s Senior Baseball League has been endorsing the player pool for its players for many, many years but there is a new generation of member entering the MSBL family that may not be aware of the national tournament player pool so we want to reintroduce you to this feature just in time for this year’s tournaments.

Do you want to experience the thrill of playing on Major League spring training facilities and stadiums but your team can’t make it? Here’s your chance. The player pool is a permanent page on the MSBL website and located on the World Series page, as well as displayed elsewhere on the new website. This is a section for players to list their contact and baseball information and submit it to our national office if looking for a team to hook up with in Arizona for the World Series in October/November or the Fall Classic in Florida in November. We update our player pool page daily for all to see. (sample below)

Managers from around the country have filled in their rosters from the player pool and some have even assembled complete teams from the player pool just for the experience of taking part in these wonderful events.

“Individual MSBL/MABL members across the country have the opportunity to experience the thrill of playing in a national tournament atmosphere even if a team is not coming from their respective leagues,” stated MSBL National Coordinator Brian Sigler. “The MSBL Player Pool has helped thousands of players over the years find teams to play on, forge new friendships and share in the MSBL experience.”

Check it out! Click HERE to go to our player pool page and see what we’re talking about. There is a ‘submit’ button for you to fill in or browse all of the players if you are looking to find some players for your team. Good luck!