Steve Simmons Follows Up 2022 Perfect Game and Detroit MSBL Championship with No-Hitter

The Detroit Yankees, the defending Detroit MSBL 18-over champs, faced off against the Detroit Mets at the historic Mack Park in a game matching teams in the 18-over Pistono Division. This stadium was the home of the Negro League Detroit Stars. Recent renovations make it one of five standing negro league fields.Logo of the Detroit Senior Baseball League

These two teams would play a tightly contested ball game where only two runs would be scored by the Yankees in the middle innings as a result of a baserunner obstruction call in a pickle between third and home and then an RBI single later in the game by Jared Janssen to make it 2-0.

The score would remain 2-0 throughout the game as Steve Simmons started on the mound for the Yankees. Coming fresh off a night shift in a local ER in Detroit for a 10am game, Simmons would navigate a formidable Mets lineup. Simmons would walk one in the early innings to scratch any idea of a perfect game and then walk one in the late innings.

Two great defensive plays would keep the no-hitter intact. A line drive snag at second base by Peloton specialist and golf aficionado Nick George and a leaping grab by Simmons off the mound on a high chopper up the middle that would’ve resulted in a hit in the late innings.