Social Media, Netflix and a new Spin Bike keep Ed Simmons on his game in Southern Maine

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

57 year ‘young’ Edward Simmons resides in Buxton, Maine and plays in the Southern Maine Men’s Baseball League in the 25-over and 35-over divisions as their player/coach.

“I’ve been playing organized baseball for about 47 of those 57 years, including the last 27 years in the SMMBL,” said Simmons.  “In 2019 my 25+ Astros team and my 35+ Diamondbacks team won Championships. This will be my first year playing in Central Maine in the 45+ League.  We’ll see how that goes!”

Simmons continued, “I actually have a lot to be thankful for and am happy seeing how the world is pulling together through this crisis.  I feel blessed to have my health, family and friends and necessary available resources.”

“I post on Social Media daily baseball pictures of my past teams, teammates and newspaper clippings and encourage others to do the same.  I am also sort of a gym rat so it’s been difficult for me getting into more of an exercise routine at my home that includes weight training and aerobic exercise with a newly purchased spin bike.  But we all have to adapt to get ready for some baseball hopefully soon.”

With the state mandated stay at home order and the unpredictable Maine, April weather, Ed and his wife Beth try to get together with their adult daughters Samantha and Emily for outdoor activities including long walks and bike rides.

“Social media and Netflix has been a source of entertainment for us all.  We also perform lots of video chats with family and friends.”

“I participate in a few tournaments a year,” Ed explained.  “My plan was to play in a tournament with the Mustangs but I’m sure it will be canceled soon.  The Maine Diamond Dogs and the Maine Indians are my other tournament teams I play with.”

We asked Ed if he had any final thoughts to convey to our MSBL national audience.  “The game of baseball for me has been an escape from the stress of everyday life.  Baseball has created great lifelong friendships near and far for both myself and my wife.  It has been a huge motivating factor to stay physically fit and active.  Although the world has forever changed, I hope the Game of Baseball remains the same.  “Play Ball”