Seattle Steelheads: A first-time MSBL World Series Participant Report Card

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Mike Leitner just finished playing for the Seattle Steelheads in the 50+ Cactus division in week one of the MSBL World Series in Arizona and things didn’t go so well.  Well, not on the field, anyway.  But Mike’s attitude is one of envy, as he simply loves the opportunity to play and if rings and glory come along, so be it.  But to Mike, that’s not what it’s all about

“Three of our players, Andrew Cancello from Seattle and Mike and John McGill from Tampa, were reunited this week and despite receiving some sad news regarding losing their father back home, the McGills soldiered on and found themselves forming the right side of our infield at Goodyear Stadium on Tuesday, 10/19,” explained Mike.

“Our formation of this World Series team, which is one of about 20 out of the Puget Sound Senior Baseball League this year alone, happened with the ever-present guidance and leadership of our league president and World Series veteran Tom Krause,” said Leitner.  “This is our first year but unfortunately included a rash of misfortune, such as losing five pitchers at the last minute to some freak injures and multiple family emergencies.

We had a great time despite the 0-6 performance in the Cactus division and we’re already ‘rostering up’ again for next year.  The best takeaway is the love of the interaction with other teams and the umpires.”

We asked Mike how the name ‘Steelheads’ came about.

“First of all, just on background, the “original” Steelheads were the half-season Negro League team from 1946 and played in Sick’s Stadium, the home of the old Pacific Coast League Rainiers/Angels/MLB Pilots.

One lesson learned via the expected learning curve from our debut, in regards to pitching, is even when you think you have enough it’s never enough.  We will definitely find some more arms by this time next year.”

What were some of the highlights from a week of baseball in beautiful weather at MLB spring training sites?

“Our highlights would have to include an inside-the-park home run from #42 Mitch Tibbets, a bases-clearing double from Frank Clark, and an amazing seven pitcher bullpen game!”