Sacramento MSBL Community Service Commitment

Provided by MSBL Hall of Fame Member Lanny Ropke

2022 Sacramento Yankees Wins Sixth Sacramento MSBL

The leadership of Sacramento MSBL since its inception in 1984, and through its current and previous five presidents, has always been a community minded organization. Our league is not just about us and baseball. Over the last 40 years we have continuously given charitable assistance to the community. We look on this as a major part of our civic duty.

We love our baseball, but being grateful for our individual and our organizations blessings has always involved giving back to charitable organizations that are dedicated to helping others and to those less fortunate.

We have grown from six teams in 1984 to over 100 teams, becoming one of the largest leagues, if not the largest, in the MSBL National Organization. This has allowed us to contribute almost yearly to many wonderful local and national charities. And I might add, that many of our league players volunteer many hours and travel at their own expense to serve their fellow man. Their attitude and contribution is inspiring. We truly have a classy league blessed with many outstanding people.

Just to name a few of our fund raisers over the years; Make-a-Wish-$3,500, Wounded Warriors-$5,500, Little League Baseball-$3,000, Baseball Equipment to Nicaragua-$5,000, Dogs for Diabetes-$2,500, Military Blue Star Moms-$2,500, Dogs for PTSD Veterans-$2,000, Babe Ruth Baseball-$4,000, Ronald McDonald House-$3,100, Baseball Equipment to Ukraine-$6,000, C.O.P.S for Police Survivors-$10,000.

And this year will be no different. We will donate the entire proceeds from our annual Capital City Labor Day Tournament to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

“Regarding the Dogs for Diabetes, the player in the picture (below) is Kenny Jungsten, a diabetic, who is also an umpire,” explained Lanny.  “I have played with him for years.  He headed up the fund raiser for ‘Dogs for Diabetes’, as he was so thankful to get his dog from them.  The dog’s name is Malone, and he is amazing. He comes into the dugout and smells each player and if your blood sugar is not normal, he grabs a lanyard in his mouth that is around neck.”

The tournament Co-Directors, Alan Van Ness and Mike Pankow would like to invite you to join us this year for our annual Labor Day Tournament. Knowing that your participation will not only provide you with great baseball, food, fields, raffle, prizes, and home run derby, but that 100% of your proceeds will go to a good cause in the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, helping kids with serious medical issues.

Contact either one of our Co-Directors (below) to reserve a spot in any one of our age divisions, 18+, 30+, 40+, 55+, 60+, and 65+.

Mike Pankow –   916-303-6969

Alan Van Ness –   916-806-1292