Rochester Baseball League and RMSBL to Merge into One Organization for 2022 Season

Submitted by Vinny Dallo

Rochester, NY – With baseball season right around the corner, adult amateur baseball in the Rochester area has seen the two leagues which have been playing games for 34 years separately now merged into one organization just in time for the upcoming 2022 season.

The Rochester Men’s Senior Baseball League (RMSBL) has been in existence since 1988, under the MSBL/MABL National organization. The Rochester Baseball League (RBL) began a few years later in 1993, as a member of the National Adult Baseball Association (NABA) before rebranding itself as an independent organization a few years ago. The two organizations have decided to merge both the leagues into a 27-team, 3-division league, consisting of 17-over, 25-over, and Sandlot divisions, while also merging the management of the leagues into one organizing cabinet. Listed below are the details.

Under the merger, this newly formed 3-division league will play as a fully affiliated league under the National MSBL/MABL organization but will retain the naming of the Rochester Baseball League. MSBL Founder and National President Steve Sigler was brought in to work with both organizations on the merger. RMSBL League President and Commissioner Vinny Dallo and RMSBL Red Wings player/manager Bruce Hackett have been added to the RBL management group. All five members of the management group have experience as league presidents and/or commissioners in their adult amateur baseball backgrounds. Here are the details:

Nick D’Ambrosio: RBL President, 17 Open Commissioner

Vinny Dallo: RBL Vice President, MSBL/MABL Liaison

Ari Freedman: 25+ League Commissioner

Michael Anderson: Sandlot Division Commissioner/Marketing & Website Director

Bruce Hackett: News and Social-Media Director

With the merger now completed, the management team will now begin work on updating the league rule books and scheduling games for each division for the 2022 season, which begins for all three divisions in May.

Here are the new contact details for the league:


Twitter: @RocNYbaseball