Redwood Empire Players Travel to San Quentin for Exhibition Game

Submitted by Steve Solis, Redwood Empire Baseball League

This past summer we all had one of the best times of our baseball lives. I led a group of Redwood Empire Baseball League players into San Quentin State Prison to play the San Quentin Athletics. San Quentin is the only prison in the country that allows teams from outside to play inside prison walls. We lost 13-11 with the tying run on base.

The often used term “baseball is life” brought on a whole new meaning for us. The inmates had names not numbers.They went out of their way to thank us for coming in to play them. They were friendly and respectful. Even the heckling from the spectators that went on throughout the game was good natured.

I have no point of reference about what life inside this penitentiary is like but for three hours we were a bunch of grown men playing a little boys game….yes indeed….baseball is life.

Thank you San Quentin Athletics for a memorable night!

Editor’s note: If you would like to schedule a game against the San Quentin Athletics you can contact Michael Kremer at