Red Thompson Inducted into Tri-Valley (CA) MSBL Hall of Fame

Submitted by Bruce Fraser, Tri-Valley League President

Red Thompson is one of the most likable Tri-Valley (TV) MSBL umpires that we have ever had officiate our games. He never missed a game, an after-game BBQ, or an opportunity to engage in creative conversation over his “somewhat” questionable calls.  

He was inducted into the MSBL National HOF as an MSBL umpire in 2015. He has a great personality, is a fantastic ambassador of TV and National MSBL, and he remembers and chats with everyone he meets. There are many unique things about Red, but his call of strikes is at the top.

One TV MSBL member recalls bringing his Beagle puppy to one of the games Red umpired. When Red called a strike, he yelled it out so loud that the puppy howled back to him every time. It was the funniest thing to watch. Baseball courses through the guy’s veins and the timing of becoming a TV MSBL Hall of Famer would be uplifting to a genuinely great guy!

Red will be receiving a beautiful jacket from the league as a token of their appreciation.  Also, thanks to Sam Kayea for his work in making sure Red is properly honored and his behind-the-scenes work.