Puget Sound MSBL World Series Player Maggie Gallagher Breaks Barriers

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Maggie Gallagher is a former University of Washington Softball player. She will also be playing at the 25+ Washington Rangers in the MSBL World Series from October 20-24. 

She grew up playing baseball most of her life until the eighth grade. She switched over to softball as men got bigger, became sexist, and couldn’t handle a girl being better than them. She worked hard and played on the top team in Washington and landed a collegiate scholarship to the University of Washington, committing in her junior year of high school. She was honored her Senior year (hitting over .700 with 17 home runs) as the Gatorade Player of the Year for Washington State, Max-Preps All American and was a three-time member of the Seattle-Times All-Star Area Team

While at Washington she made two appearances at the Women’s College World Series, with being a National Runner-Up in 2018. After stepping down from softball, she helped build the UW Club Baseball from the ground up, being the first female President, player, and coach making history in the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA).

Maggie joined the Puget Sound Senior Baseball League (PSSBL) as the first female to General Manage and play in the highest division with former minor leaguers and collegiate athletes. She recently made history for the PSSBL being one of the top players to represent over 1.3K male players in the All-Star team, resulting in a recorded RBI and hit.

“This was a wonderful experience being able to break barriers for women. I will be competing in the Men’s Senior Baseball League World Series being one of the first females competing for the National title again,” said Maggie 

“During my time in the PSSBL, I am working for Driveline Baseball in their Supply Chain and Logistics, while training for the USA Women’s Baseball team. I have been with Driveline Baseball since day one in their old facility when Kyle Boddy started. 

I want to be able to be a role model and create a positive atmosphere for young girls and future women in baseball. Breaking barriers and bridging gaps have taught me to overcome obstacles and be a strong leader on and off the field.

As “Women in Baseball” has been trending and becoming the next big thing, I want to spread the awareness of Women in Baseball. My teammate Lily is on the team as well.” (Below: Maggie alongside Rangers teammate Lily Niland)

Below is a link to Maggie’s article she wrote about being a Woman in Baseball, her recorded hit in the PSSBL All-Star Game, and her Adoption Documentary that FloSoftball filmed about her life.