Proud MSBL Papa Scott Bibee Discusses Son Tanner’s Rise with the Cleveland Guardians

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Scott Bibee is a SoCal MSBL and World Series veteran whose claim to fame may just be his son Tanner, which is just the way he wants it.  Two months ago we published a story about Tanner Bibee’s rise to the Big Leagues and how dad fit into the makeup of a future Major League while growing up.

Don’t look now, but Tanner has posted a 9-2 record in 19 starts with the Cleveland Guardians and sports an amazing 2.90 ERA (through Sunday, August 13th) for a team with a sub .500 record, though fighting for the AL Central title that is only one hot streak away from accomplishing!  Below are Tanner’s season stats after a successful 7-inning performance against Tampa Bay on the 13th:

We contacted Scott late last week to catch up and see how the family felt about Tanner’s rise through the ranks so far and what the future holds for watching Tanner’s progress as the Guardians keep pushing to catch the Twins.  I was able to ask a few questions, admittedly acting more like a fan than a journalist.

Are you surprised at Tanner’s wonderful success so far in his rookie campaign?  “I’m not surprised that he made it to the bigs, but only at how quickly it happened.  The speed he has been able to go through the system and get to the majors is amazing.  At this time last year, he was playing AA at Akron!  He is now in the conversation for Rookie of Year.  It is all happing so fast!”

What does Tanner think of his success?  “I think he has always had confidence in himself but even he might be a little surprised himself.  He credits his work between the starts.  That’s the key.  His work between the starts is intense and he takes nothing for granted.”

Does Tanner share any insight with you on the Guardians’ hope for the playoffs?  He feels they are going to do it.  He says everyone’s attitude is very strong and they are just one winning streak away from winning the division.  It looks like the Wild Card is getting harder to attain so it’s all or nothing!”

How often does Tanner call Mom and Dad?  “Two times a week or maybe three.  His schedule is so rigorous with his workouts and travel.  We usually talk to him the night before a start.”

As his coach for so many years, do you critique his performance with him or leave that to the team?  Would he still consider your observations?  “Absolutely. I tell him what I see and critique him positively.  I have the advantage of knowing his mannerisms from seeing him pitch all of his life.  But he has all of the technology the Guardians provide so he gets common sense from Dad and the specifics from the professionals.  But he still listens to Dad.”

Are there any plans to watch any future games in person?  “We have been able to travel to see four of his starts in person so far.  In September they make a swing to Califonia to play the Angels and the Giants.  We plan on getting to those games for sure.”

Does Tanner ever acknowledge you guys in the stands when he is on the field?  “He always knows where we are sitting and he’ll maybe look up to our section but nothing too elaborate.  He has business to attend to.  We had to leave in the middle of the game one time and he wasn’t pitching.  He looked up from the dugout and saw we were leaving and waved goodbye to us.  He wouldn’t dare do that if he were pitching.  We couldn’t be prouder of him.”

What did he think of the brawl with the White Sox last week and what is his personal relationship with Jose Ramirez?  “He stayed on the outside of the scrum and played peacemaker.  His coaches wouldn’t have been happy if he got hurt in a fight or a celebration of some sort, so they keep the pitchers away from danger.  Regarding Jose Ramirez, Tanner loves him.  He said he is the nicest guy to be around and not arrogant or full of himself.  From day one he has helped Tanner adjust and helps all of the rookies be comfortable.  He is a true professional and a great person.”

Here is a short video of highlights from Tanner’s last start: