Pat Kelly and Sacramento MSBL Send Contingent to Nicaragua to Assist Impoverished Children in Their Baseball Skills and Deliver Donated Equipment

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Pat Kelly is a long-standing member of the Sacramento Men’s Senior Baseball League, where he began playing in 1993. He is also an annual participant at the MSBL World Series in Arizona and the MSBL Vegas tourneys as a member of the perennial powerhouse Sacramento Tribe and an occasional stint with the Solons.

Pat, trip coordinator Hal Young, and a bunch of his league associates decided to take their skills once again to Nicaragua in 2023 in an attempt to help the impoverished children improve their baseball skills, while also delivering 1,300 pounds of much-needed equipment, including hundreds of baseballs and bats, helmets, shoes, gloves, catcher’s equipment, and all things baseball.  Hal has been going to Nicaragua for going on fifteen years.

Pat wrote me over the weekend, “We are getting ready to head to the airport to depart on our trip. We fly from Sacramento to San Francisco, then take the red-eye to Houston, and then on to Monagua. I will have plenty of pictures and stories for you when we get back. We are going to five different towns, doing clinics and passing out baseball gear at each place. We will be returning on the 19th.”

A local Sacramento television story also aired a story on their wonderful journey.  Here is the link to that story:

Below are additional photos Pat sent as they assembled their donated equipment in Sacramento in preparation for the trip.