Pat Carroll, Bay Area MSBL: 36 Years of MSBL Participation and No End in Sight

Compiled by Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Pat Carroll is an institution.  The Bay Area MSBL has been his home base for over 30 years, along with double-duty in the Tri-Valley MSBL since 2012, and the MSBL World Series still sees him roaming the desert of Arizona, as they have since 1988.  His 2023 World Series plans include playing for MSBL Hall of Famer Allan Green’s Dragons in the competitive 65-over division.  Pat is still playing all over the field, as he is a pitcher and plays first base along with stints at second and third. 

“I made the first 32 tournaments (1988 thru 2019) but the streak was derailed for two years due to a shoulder injury,” explained Pat.  “I started a new streak in 2022, so by the time I reach my next 32-year tournament streak I’ll be 98 years old in the 100+ Division, requesting a waiver of course!

In our 20th consecutive year playing in the World Series, Rob Goldstein, Ray Allen, and I finally got our first rings when we joined up with a strong Dragons team managed by Allan Green.  With this team, we would go on to repeat in 2008 and then win it again in 2009 in the Florida Fall Classic.  Three rings in a row!”

We initially asked Pat to elaborate on his career on the diamond but then decided to take a different direction with this story after he was kind enough to send us a few photographs from different periods of his playing that were complete with summaries of each photo.  We are going to display a sort of montage for you below, complete with Pat’s descriptions, and hopefully, you can see the true impact Pat has had on his Bay Area MSBL days and as a big part of our MSBL World Series history.

Bay Area League President Jim Frenn summed up Pat’s impact on his league and in his life.

“Pat has been in the league since its inception and has probably been on and started more successful teams than anyone in the history of the league,” explained Frenn.  “He has had one of the longest if not THE longest and most consistent participation in the BAMSBL.  He joined the league when it began in 1988 and is still going strong playing in 2023.  But what is amazing is the success he has enjoyed over those years, and in particular in this century. 

As a result, Pat is the consummate recruiter of players in two leagues, including the Tri-Valley MSBL.  When he calls players to join him, they usually do so without hesitation, because he brings championships.  I have had the pleasure of working with him to create the latest team, the Emeralds, which we both have designed as the start to bringing a 60+ division to the BAMSBL.”

As we head into the journal of Pat’s baseball life below, we’ll conclude this section with some parting words from the man himself.

“The 2023 season is my 36th year.  I am the last remaining member who has played in every season since the inaugural 1988 season. They can’t get rid of me!  In these 36 years, I have played on just six different teams, made up basically of four main teams, as two of them were for one year or less.

I guess my overall take from playing 36 years in the BAMSBL is that while winning league Championships and tournament Championships and rings are great, they pale in comparison to the friendships and camaraderie developed and experienced over the decades.  I have been fortunate to have played on so few teams over the years, and to me, that’s a testament to how lucky I’ve been to be accepted by so many good guys, and better yet, true great character people!

I have played in the Bay Area MSBL since 1988 and Tri-Valley since 2012.  I love the game!”

Are there special league or World Series moments that are truly special to you?

“In 1989 I give up a grand slam to ex-major leaguer Jose Cardinal at Tempe Diablo Stadium.  Thankfully, there’s no photo of that bomb!  Speaking of ex-major leaguers, a few that I’ve come across in the BAMSBL, mostly in the early years of the league, include Herman Segelke, Terry Whitfield, Chuck Hensley, and Bill Lee.

In 1991 our Bay Area Arizona team played the entire MSBL World Series tournament with only 12 guys! We essentially had only three pitchers. Somehow, we made it into the playoffs. In those days with many teams in the divisions, it was more difficult to make the playoffs, so for us, it was a huge achievement just to get there.

Dirty, banged up, and bruised we faced the eventual Championship team, a team 25-players-strong with sparkling clean uniforms. We gave them a good fight but we fell a little short, something like 15-14. The camaraderie and grit of our tournament team that year makes that team my all-time favorite BAMSBL Arizona World Series team, by far.”

Enjoy Pat’s journey through the years below!