Past and Present Major League Players in the MSBL…Take Two!

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

A year ago we had a fun time asking you to send us the names of any ex-major league ball players that you know of who have played, or are currently playing, in MSBL leagues or tournaments. The results were astonishing as we published the complete list in the article reprinted below. If you can think of anyone else who should be added to the list please shoot me an email at I’ll publish an updated list in a couple of weeks.

Thanks everyone and play safe in your leagues and tournaments this year! (Original article below appeared on April 6, 2018)

Thanks to everyone who contributed the names of ex-major leaguers over the past week as we attempted to compile a list of players who have worn an MSBL uniform in either league or tournament play. The results were overwhelming and we had a lot of fun doing this! Thank you all for sending me emails, Facebook posts and phone calls.

These players obviously share the same passion we all do in our attempt to hold on to this wonderful game through the MSBL experience. We came up with a total of 120 players! That’s amazing. I have the complete list displayed below. I apologize for not alphabetizing the list but I don’t think it really matters. I hope we all continue to sit in the dugouts with these guys or stare down a major league fastball for many years to come as the next batch of major leaguers find MSBL. If you think of anyone else that should be added to this list please let me know at Take care and play safe, everyone!

Dave Cripe, Frankie Rodriguez, Mark Whiten, Kevin Seitzer, Mel Hall, Ted Lilly, Simon Pond, Rico Carty, Jay Witasick, Carl Everett, Woody Williams, Ray Chadwick, German Rivera, Larry See, Jeff Montgomery, Rick DeHart, Randy Hundley, Brian Tollberg, Esteban Yan, Vic Darensbourg, Mickey Mahler, Jared Fernandez, Robin Jennings, Bob Stinson, Jeff Cirillo, Jaime Cerda, Brian Kingman, Roy Smith, Chris Cumberland, Rusty Meachem, Casey Candale, Rey Sanchez, Butch Metzger, Ken Ryan, Mike Draper, Mike Smith, Craig Hansen, John Stefero, Ken Dixon, Jerry Kutzler, Donn Pall, Jim Bouton, Mike Felder, Steve Brye, Terry Whitfield, Rich Murray, Danny Jackson, Steve Ontiveros, Jim Corsi, Jeff Juden, Victor Rodriguez, Kevin McGlinchy, Jerry Hairston, Ken Rudolph, Bob Dernier, Todd Hollandsworth, Steve Trout, Mark Eichorn, Pat Hentgen, Ron Brand, Danny Boone, Bob Owchinko, Jim Willoughby, Don Carrithers, Rudy Law, Ray Burris, Willie Wilson, Rich Nye, Dennis Kinney, Jay Johnstone, Greg Pryor, Reggie Ritter, Glen Sutko, Tim Hyers, Vincent McGrath, Todd Parrott, David Elder, Luke Allen, Chuck Hensley, Steve Avery, Jeff Hamilton, Eric Milton, Edgardo Alfonso, Dustin Mosley, Ike Blessit, Greg Harris, Pete Schourek, Pete LaCock, Scott Bailes, Doug Bair, Tom Ragland, Dan Boone, Jason Conti, Jack Howell, Chris Jones, Howard Johnson, Frank Wells, Rodney Scott, Jose Canseco, Jose Cardenal, Dante Bichette, Bill Lee, Bombo Rivera, Bart Zeller, Oil Can Boyd, Roger Clemens, Ron LeFlore, Luis Tiant, Mike Marshall, Bert Campeneris, Bret Saberhagen, Mark Davis, Steve Kemp, J.R. Richard, Jerry Reuss, Jose Contreras, Jim Barr, Juan Eichelberger, Jim Umbarger, Dave Hamilton, Steve Chitren, Mark Brown, Bobby O’Brien, Tim Layana, Ken Ford, Travis Baptiste, Frankie Fagundes, Nathan Lee, Chris Lagow, Ruben Fernandez, Jr., Tim Fujioka, Joe Grahe, George Arias, Anthony Chavez, Colin Porter, Tony Phillips, Orlando Merced, Kip Gross, Steve Grilli, Frank Ricelli, Bobby Nandin, Dave Von Ohlen, Bud Anderson, Mike Smith, Dave Lemanczyk, Dion James, Bill ‘Soup’ Campbell, Keith McWorter, Mike Farmer and Nelson Simmons.